This last week I finally sucked it up and "drove" 30 hours for Lyft.  And by drove, I mean logged in to the app for 30 hours.  There were some times when I did not have rides, but being logged in at home still counts.  What do I get for 30 hours?  A 10% bonus, as long as I drive 10 "power hours", and have a 90% or above acceptance rate.  

What are "power hours"?  Designated times by city when driving is deemed to be the busiest.  For me in Portland, it is Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday night.  And by night I mean starting at 5-6pm and going until anywhere from 11pm-2am.  By acceptance rate I mean the rides I say yes to.  Lyft gives me 15 seconds to decide, and then off I go.  

I'm going to show you a real picture of my earnings summary from yesterday, Sunday.  


You see, my brother referred me as a Lyft driver.  And, because I used his code, we got a "double-bonus".  Once I completed 30 rides HE got $250, but so did I!  Yes!!  My paycheck for this week should be right around $500.  Guess what - you can do it too!  If you want to become a driver and have fun meeting some awesome people, use this link:

Yesterday I had one semi-mishap that I totally blame on Apple Maps.  I picked up a couple in North Portland, to take them up to the Wonder Ballroom area on Russell.  Being the good Lyft driver and following the navigation, Cyrus put me on Skidmore, the longest unimproved road in North Portland!!! The car bottomed out more than once, I cussed a few times and once I got in there was no way getting out.  Who knew you could bushwhack in North Portland with a car?  Well, I found out you could.  The other stupidest navigation thing Apple Maps did was to try and take me from downtown, across the river, all the way down the East side and then back over the river to take a passenger to her hotel at the South Waterfront from just off of W Burnside and 13th.  Thank god I did a double-check!

On Saturday I met an artist who has a gallery in Mexico where she lives most of the time, a concert pianist home for a weekend from her program in New York and a really awkward guy who sat in the front of the car with me but said about two words.  Those were the highlights of the weekend.  Oh, and the group of 4 youngsters who were face-timing their friend in Korea while we were on our way to Wurst.  I guess I should try driving some really drunk people around to get even better stories.  

I love this job like I've loved no other.   I get to meet mostly cool people, drive around my beloved city and share interesting tidbits with out-of-owners.  Yesterday I even played part counselor and invited an aspiring musician to open mic.  You never know who is going to get in your back seat, which is really fun.  

What do I love most?  The flexibility.  F**k working a 9-5 job.  I don't think I ever want to do it again.  My favorite time to drive?  After 7pm, when the sun starts its' slow descent to the horizon.  Driving across the bridges while the sun is setting is nothing short of magic.  I am learning so much about my fair city and it is awesome!