A Little Urban Adventure

Lately sunny days have been rare at home.  So, when you get them, you have to take advantage.  This afternoon I took myself up to Mt. Scott Creek Trail and made some interesting discoveries.  

The trail itself loops 1.1 miles around a gully with a stream running through it.  It is strange to be surrounded by million dollar homes and yet somehow be in the middle of nature.  One of the things I love best about Portland is all the little green spaces and wildlife habitat preserved in the middle of the city.  

I discovered two old vehicles, a car and a truck, down by the stream, so of course I had to go investigate and take photos.  Along the way I saw some fresh deer droppings and some hoof marks.  Apparently the deer like to come down and drink from the creek also.  Civilization never can totally move nature out, she always finds a way.  

As I was finishing the loop, a hummingbird and a bluebird greeted me.  It took me about an hour to meander around the loop and a worthwhile adventure it was.  It was a fun place to spend part of an afternoon.  I included a gallery of my photos, so be sure to click through and see them all.