A New Kind of Adventure

It's been awhile since I have taken an adventure.  Done any traveling, really.  But now I'm on a new adventure which is car-less living.  Figuring out how to get from here to there in the most economical way possible without using a car is quite the adventure.  It adds an extra hour each way to my work commute all because my car, though still running, now requires a major repair in the neighborhood of $2,000.  Gulp.  Yes, there it is.  When the mechanic tells you "we have bad news", it's never good.

Now mind you, I have a Red 2010 Chevy Cobalt.  It is paid off, so that is something to be grateful for.  The bus is 2 blocks away and I can get to work with just 1 transfer, or two bus rides.  I have also spent about $1500 on the car in the last 3 months alone, so as of now it is parked in the driveway while I determine what to do with it. 

I hate car payments.  So I thought about trading it in for a newer car, but then realized that is not the option I am looking for.  I can also try to sell it for cheap and use that money towards getting a used car, but let's face it, the Cobalt is not in high demand in anyone's market.  Another option has presented itself, which is taking it to a gentleman I know through my nephew's baseball team and seeing what he can do with it.  When I told him I heard he was the man to talk to about cars and then proceeded to tell him I had a 2010 Chevy Cobalt, he said "Oh, I'm sorry."  That's never good either.

Once he finishes with my brother's truck, I'll take the Rollerskate over to him to diagnose and see what can be done.  If it's at all cheaper than $2,000 I might just take my chances and have him fix it.  Although I appreciate the adventure of taking the bus, public transportation really does suck sometimes and I am way too independent not to have my own car.  Now is about the time I wish I had a bike.  A bike would certainly move me a lot faster than my own two feet and I would get exercise at the same time.  Not a bad option, but I don't really trust Portland drivers or other cyclists.  So we'll see.  

It's been a learning curve for me, but I am equal to the task and will do what must be done.  It did feel a little like a sucker punch, because I didn't see it coming.  In times past I might have been upset for days and weeks.  I'm not gonna lie, I was upset the day I found out but I decided to hold and wait and see what kind of solution would come to me.  Something Michael Singer said in "The Untethered Soul" came to me, and that is that I could choose to be happy, regardless of what's happening.  So I choose to look at this as an adventure and greet it with a certain amount of joy and realize that my life is not falling apart.  I embrace this as a time when I will see new things that I haven't seen before because I'm walking, or riding the bus, or riding in someone else's car.  Soon enough I will be on the road again.