A New Kind of Adventure

It's been awhile since I have taken an adventure.  Done any traveling, really.  But now I'm on a new adventure which is car-less living.  Figuring out how to get from here to there in the most economical way possible without using a car is quite the adventure.  It adds an extra hour each way to my work commute all because my car, though still running, now requires a major repair in the neighborhood of $2,000.  Gulp.  Yes, there it is.  When the mechanic tells you "we have bad news", it's never good.

Now mind you, I have a Red 2010 Chevy Cobalt.  It is paid off, so that is something to be grateful for.  The bus is 2 blocks away and I can get to work with just 1 transfer, or two bus rides.  I have also spent about $1500 on the car in the last 3 months alone, so as of now it is parked in the driveway while I determine what to do with it. 

I hate car payments.  So I thought about trading it in for a newer car, but then realized that is not the option I am looking for.  I can also try to sell it for cheap and use that money towards getting a used car, but let's face it, the Cobalt is not in high demand in anyone's market.  Another option has presented itself, which is taking it to a gentleman I know through my nephew's baseball team and seeing what he can do with it.  When I told him I heard he was the man to talk to about cars and then proceeded to tell him I had a 2010 Chevy Cobalt, he said "Oh, I'm sorry."  That's never good either.

Once he finishes with my brother's truck, I'll take the Rollerskate over to him to diagnose and see what can be done.  If it's at all cheaper than $2,000 I might just take my chances and have him fix it.  Although I appreciate the adventure of taking the bus, public transportation really does suck sometimes and I am way too independent not to have my own car.  Now is about the time I wish I had a bike.  A bike would certainly move me a lot faster than my own two feet and I would get exercise at the same time.  Not a bad option, but I don't really trust Portland drivers or other cyclists.  So we'll see.  

It's been a learning curve for me, but I am equal to the task and will do what must be done.  It did feel a little like a sucker punch, because I didn't see it coming.  In times past I might have been upset for days and weeks.  I'm not gonna lie, I was upset the day I found out but I decided to hold and wait and see what kind of solution would come to me.  Something Michael Singer said in "The Untethered Soul" came to me, and that is that I could choose to be happy, regardless of what's happening.  So I choose to look at this as an adventure and greet it with a certain amount of joy and realize that my life is not falling apart.  I embrace this as a time when I will see new things that I haven't seen before because I'm walking, or riding the bus, or riding in someone else's car.  Soon enough I will be on the road again.

Missoula Or Bust.

On the 4th I headed out from Portland to Boise to spend the day with my best friend and her family.  Today I sit at a hotel in Missoula, on the final leg of my journey, visiting with my Dad.  In the course of that time, I took a mini road-trip with my best friend Chris up to the Old Sawmill Station campsite, near Clayton, ID, to spend a few nights camping on my way to Missoula.

The drive from Boise to Old Sawmill Station was gorgeous.  We stopped a lot along the way so I could get pictures.  And, if you know me, you know I did.  We had one episode where we had pulled over off the highway so I could snap some pics.  Chris was backing up and all of a sudden I felt the right back tire of the car floating on air.  Luckily, we did not end up in the ditch.  We stopped in at Stanley Lake, Redfish Lake, and made our way to the camp site Wednesday night.  I loved being outside.  Chris cooked us kebobs for dinner and we sat outside enjoying some adult beverages and waited for the sun to set.  And then we saw the deer! It was magical.  The mama and babies were playing out in the field behind the trailer.  There is something so right about sitting on a fence drinking a beer with no place to be.  

Old Sawmill Station Road Trip

On Thursday we spent the morning at the trailer and then decided to go out and see some ghost towns in the area.  We hit Bonanza and Custer, and then went down to the river across from Sunbeam.  The land and scenery is gorgeous!  We drove along the Yankee Fork of the Salmon River (I think that's right) and saw the old gold dredger which turned over tons and tons of rock looking for gold and silver.  And for whatever reason, I collected rocks from every site we went to.  Now I have a pretty good little collection rolling around in the car.  When did I become such a nerd? 

Bonanza Ghost Town

Custer Ghost Town

Yankee Fork Dredge and Sunbeam

We had so much fun kicking around exploring.  The one ghost town we didn't make it to was Bayhorse.  We spent my last night at the camp site hanging out.  We thought we might go eat in one of the towns but Chris ended up cooking up some brats and we sat around and shot the shit.  When I say we, I mean Chris, her boyfriend Brian, and I.  A few of the guys from Brian's job came over and said hi.  They're doing road work at milepost....205 or something like that, so they've been up there for the whole year working during the week.  Then we decided to watch "Hot Tub Time Machine".  Can't say I missed much not seeing it up until now, but after the movie was over, I did get to see the baby deer eating outside the camper.  It was pretty cool.

On Friday I left for Missoula.  I drove the Salmon River Scenic Byway and came into the Southern end of the Bitterroot Valley.  I did stop in to Bayhorse on my way through.  It was awesome!  I love history, so learning about all these old mining towns was very interesting to me.  Fires destroyed most of them, and so people moved on elsewhere.  Custer has a pretty cool museum and they make their own old-fashioned soda, so when we were there on Thursday I got a Black Cherry old-fashioned soda.  The drive went pretty well.  There were a few instances when a deer was out on the road, but luckily no mishaps.  At one point there was a semi truck bearing down on me and I wasn't sure if he was gonna hit me or I was gonna hit the deer, but everyone was safe.  I didn't take a lot of photos of the Bitterroot Valley because I was anxious to get to Missoula and had already wasted a bunch of time.

Bayhorse Ghost Town

It's been raining in Missoula since I got here Friday.  A little unusual for this time of year.  So, I've been hanging out with my Dad and doing mainly inside stuff.  But, today we might get out to a baseball game or do some exploring since it has stopped raining.  We'll see what happens.  I'm heading back to Portland on Tuesday.  I'll be glad to get home but will most likely start planning another adventure.  I've got some ideas in mind already about where I might go.  I'm never happier than when I'm on a trip, or planning one.