Sixmilebridge...and the SEAHAWKS!!!

Today is an in day.  And when I say in, I mean cozied up in the daybed next to the fire in.  It's cold outside, and the sky is the kind of white-gray that tells me no sun is getting through.  The only reasons I left the cottage were 1.) to get more fuel for the fire from the shed.  and 2.) to go see Steph's studio, view her work and purchase one of her gorgeous shawls!  She does incredibly delicate work, and you can view it here:


Yesterday (Sunday) was a gorgeous day! I decided to go back to Sixmilebridge around 2pm for some more music with Steph and her friends.  The skies were blue, and it was cold and clear.  

Various acts were playing in different pubs around town, so you'd bounce from one to the other to catch different groups.  The first act we caught, The Eskies (, were so good!  They were playing at The Olde House in Sixmilebridge.  Seated on small stools against the wall, the pub eventually filled while they were playing, many people standing and sitting on the floor in front of the band.

They were rowdy and bawdy and everything you could hope for from an Irish band.  Interestingly, they played a lot of CCR, some Statler Brothers and the Chris Isaak song, "Wicked Game".  So good!!! I loved their spirit and absolute musicianship.  They interacted a lot with the crowd, yelling and laughing back and forth.  Just good fun.  

We then went on to The Duck Inn to see Steph's friend Rob and the band he's in play again.  Very good as well!  Rob plays "the bones", as well as a washboard he wears over his shoulders and plays with spoons.  So talented!  

After we got home, I cooked some dinner and did some research on what I want to do and where I want to go when I get the car this week.  The Seahawks were playing in the NFC Championship game and I was trying to stream it live with no success; however, I was able to stream the audio live and tuned in to the game. 

Oy!!  Who knew it would go like this.  So, after the fifth and last turnover, I quit the live audio feed.  I couldn't listen anymore. But then NFL Mobile notified me the Seahawks scored a touchdown.  I decided then and there I would listen, however bad it was, and finish out the game.  And I am so glad I did!  All I can say is, wow, what a finish!  Crazy.  

Tomorrow I'm not sure what I'll be up to.  Probably will be itching for a walk as I did not get out today.  There is one more loop I want to do around here before I start roaming the greater Irish countryside with the car on Wednesday.  This has been such a perfect experience, I could not be happier. Steph is a marvelous host and this part of the country is beautiful.  

This country is seeping into the marrow of my soul.  The music and the people. I welcome the sounds of the cattle lowing, the smell of the farm animals as I'm taking my walks.  The simple pleasure of climbing down from the loft every morning and building a fire, or cooking up a simple but hearty meal for myself.  I am unearthing new pieces of me.  I've learned that all I need to succeed is in me.  Not just me, but all of us!  And if you have a dream, go for it.  You won't regret it, I promise you.  

Shannonside Winter Music Day

This afternoon Steph took me over to Shannonside Winter Music Day.  From noon- 5pm, they had several groups playing in several different venues around Bunratty Castle (  My first trip to a real castle.  I got only a very few photos, and those with my phone.  I will be going back on Thursday night for the medieval dinner, and then the next morning to the Folk Park.  

Steph's friend Rob played in The Boat Band (UK) first, so we went and listened in on them.  They played in the castle basement.  We wandered up and through the great hall, and then up and up and up these tight, tiny circular stone staircases and came out on one of the turrets.  After a few photos, we headed back down to hear some progressive trad music from Cross Harbour UK. They were very good too!

We caught a little bit of the Flamenco duo, Cintron Bros Flamenco USA.  There were musicians from Ireland, the UK and the US.  I took a few shots of The Golden Star Morris Dancers UK, dancing outside the main entrance of the castle.  The last band we listened to, JigJam, is a Celtrgrass band.  Yes, Celtic bluegrass.  Playing guitars, banjos, fiddles (large and small) they were my fave of the day!  I wanted to get their CD, but Steph wanted to beat the traffic so we headed out.  Good news - I can get them online ( and get their album via iTunes.

Steph and I talked about heading back into Sixmilebridge tonight to catch some more music, but, it is a fair drive, so we decided to wait and go back to listen tomorrow.  So, here I am eating pork chops, potatoes and having a pint of Guinness by the fire.  

After talking to some locals today, and Steph, about weather and plans with the car, I decided to cancel any and all reservations I had, and take the pressure off myself.  I want to get to Norther Ireland, but, weather could be a factor.  And there is so much to do here, in and around County Clare.  I cannot wait to get back to the castle an take more photos, when it's maybe a little quieter.  I want to explore the village of Sixmilebridge.  Get to the Cliffs of Moher, and the Burren.  Maybe spend a night in Galway.  I've got two full weeks with the car, so I am excited about that.  More adventures await!