Portland PRIDE and Queer Eye

Pride.  Attending the parade is one of the events I look forward to the most during the year.  All the color and the celebration.  Last year I walked in the parade and this year I decided to sit it out and watch from the sidelines.  We settled in right outside of CC Slaughter's, a perfect spot.  I made a deal with myself not to take any photos and enjoy the parade, but that did not last long.  Too gorgeous to miss out on!  You can see some of my favorite photos below from the parade. What strikes me most every year (this is the third for me) is the displays of love and acceptance coming from every quarter.  I saw policeman and churches, healthcare providers and corporate giants represented alongside representatives from the LGBTQ community.  Glorious!

I decided the best way to round out the weekend would be to watch the reboot of Queer Eye.  I knew the second season released, so I settled in with season 1.  And could not stop watching.  Laughing, crying and feeling my soul tugged.  These five guys, The Fab Five.  I fell in love!  More acceptance and more love, but honey, it is so much more than a make-over show. I found pieces of myself reflected back to me in the lives of these strangers and you could see them light up once the Fab Five did their work. And in Georgia, of all places. You never know where inspiration may strike.

And so I finished up Season 2 this past weekend.  I found myself inspired to elevate me, to be the best version of myself I can be.  To take some care because it is in the caring for myself that I first show love to me, and then can show love to others.  I don't know, I feel something wonderful about these guys.  So many shows I watch I wish the characters were real.  These guys are! I think we could be friends. Their stories are as varied as they are and I love everything about them and what they bring us: fierce realness.