7 Things on My "Shit" List.

I have a new Twitter friend, Luke Marlin (aka @BackstreetNomad) who inspired me to write this blog.  And, he writes "Anti-Travel Guides", which I love the idea of!  That is brilliant.  Anyway, he made a comment about my Twitter mantra "Do Epic Shit" and then came the idea for this post.  I'm "sorry not sorry" if you don't like the word shit.  Read no further.

I also have a new Facebook friend, Jeff Buehner.  So while stalking his page, as I do with new friends, I came across this quote photo, which is another "sorry not sorry" post to do with shit.  Love this too. Jeff is one badass musician who plays in a Bon Jovi tribute band, Steelhorse.  He also collaborates with some other badass musicians in an original band, The Loyal Order. But, think on this.....

A few years ago I started writing down every possible thing I could think of that would be epic shit on seven blank sheets of legal paper taped to the back of my bedroom door. I wrote all kinds of things, but then I started writing other things related to shit.  Not just doing epic shit, but other things related.  So...here's my "shit list":

1.  Do Epic Shit.  Of course this is number one.  This became my Twitter mantra, and it lives on in me.  One of my very best friends even bought me a small framed photo of an old-fashioned, angry little girl with her arms crossed, with the mantra underneath her photo.  On the back of my door, I wrote things down like "quit my job", listed places I want to travel to, put down things like "make $120K in a year".  Just whatever came into my mind I listed, no matter how seemingly silly or out of reach. Oh, and I did quit that job.  And then went on to travel, having just spent a month in Ireland, by myself, which is some pretty epic shit, at least for me.

2. Clean Shit Up.  Whatever is cluttering up your life, clean it up.  And I mean physical shit.  Most of us have way more shit than we need, lots of shit we don't use, broken shit, torn shit, whatever.  If you don't love it, get rid of it!!!  Donate what you can first, then trash the rest.  I periodically clean my shit up, usually every 3 or 6 months.  It keeps me light, I'm not burdened down with a lot of shit I don't need.  Not having a lot of shit right now allows me to do what I want to do, which is travel and write.

3. Get Shit Healthy.  We all have areas of health we need to work on.  Our lives are like onions, peeling off a layer at a time.  I'm not just talking about working out or fitness shit.  I'm talking about our soul, our spirit, our personality.  If you find yourself asking "Why is this not working? What am I doing wrong?" find someone to talk to, write about it until you get an answer from yourself, get some books on the subject.  Take a look inside and make sure your shit is as healthy as it can be.  It will never be perfect, we all know onions have TONS of layers, so this will be a lifelong process, if you accept it. We don't need to carry around residual shit from other people either, so get rid of it.  This ain't healthy.

4. Make Some Shit.  I think everyone has creativity.  I don't buy that shit that only this person or that person is creative.  If there is something you want to make, do it! Or find someone to teach you if you don't know how.  Maybe it's writing (that's my shit), maybe it's visual art, music, furniture, maybe soap...candles...I think you get what I mean.  This might turn into your "epic shit".

5. Own Your Shit.  We all say it, we all agree with it, but I'll admit, it's hard to do.  So be who you are, and own your shit.  If you want to be a crazy fool, whatever that means, then do it!  But don't blame it on mom or dad or Obama or the economy or zombies.  Live your shit out and recognize you create your own reality.  And don't get your shoes dirty with other people's shit.  If you own your shit, you have no time to worry about everybody else's piles.

6. Be Happy With Shit. This is gratitude.  Wherever we are in this crazy journey called life, I can bet there is always one thing you can be happy about.  Right now, I'm happy I'm sitting out on the patio in sunshine with birds singing. There, was that so hard?  No.  And guess what...that happiness shit grows.  So try it.  

7. Let Shit Go. This is HUGE!  Probably why we all have such a hard time with it.  Loosely translated, it's forgiveness.  Forgive the guy who cuts you off in traffic, forgive the idiot who parks their cart in the center of the aisle at Trader Joe's, and forgive people's shit even when they DO NOT deserve it.  Why? Because that frees you up.  Holding on to shit, at the very least, creates unnecessary stress in the body which can lead to things like....cancer.  So let shit go.  It only hurts you anyway.  If it's hard, think of whatever shit it is like a balloon.  Send it out to the Universe,  just don't hold on to that shit. 

I am sure there are so many more things I could add to my shit list, and maybe I will, eventually.  But this is a good start.