How Travel Took Over My Life.

I took my first big trip when I was 11, going overseas to England with a school group.  Just a small-town girl from Banks, traveling to England opened my eyes to the world.  I've never looked back.  I always loved flying, loved hotels.  Not scared for one second.  I loved the adventure of it all.  I even dated a guy who lived in Norway and spent a few months there.  Had a next-door neighbor who ended up stationed on the naval base in Sicily and so my brother and I visited him there and had an amazing time!  That same trip, we visited London and Dublin.  

For a long time I told myself I "couldn't afford" to travel again, and that was partially true. As I started to look at my life and design it over these last few years, I realized traveling was very important to me.  I made a vision board of the places I wanted to go and bought a carry-on suitcase patterned with a map.  Instead of feeling constricted about it, and not looking at places I wanted to visit, I opened myself up to the possibility.  If I needed a break from the mundane, I went on Airbnb dreaming about all the cities I would visit.  

In January I took a month-long trip to Ireland. It was the first international trip in 10 years, and a dream come true.  A month in a rural Irish cottage?  Yes please!  I've been been to San Francisco multiple times, Napa Valley and the Palm Springs area, not to mention road trips through Idaho and Montana, in the last year.  I've been asked many, many times how I'm doing it.  It's easy.  I made traveling a priority. Well, maybe not that easy.  Traveling does take money, it's true.   I had a little help with that in the way of an extraordinary job opportunity last year which made these trips possible.  

I saw this photo on Facebook the other day, and I've been thinking about it ever since.  I do not view travel as a luxury, but as a necessity.  Last night for dinner I made some gluten-free pasta, with a pork cutlet and fresh veggies and squash.  You know what that cost me?  $3.00.  No joke.  So, think about it.  If you want to travel, start looking at the areas in your life you can cut back.  And start eating at home more often, if you don't already .When you say yes to something, you are saying no to something else. It is no different with traveling.  If you want it bad enough, you'll figure out how to make it happen.    




Some New Shit.

I've got some new links up on my site to some cool products.  Chris Guillebeau is one of my top "inspirers".  He's got some great guides on living an "unconventional life".  I have adopted a lot of what he is about.  I mean, the man has been to every single country in the world.  If you want to "Get Paid for your Writing", want to know how to "Live and Work from Anywhere" or how to get luxury travel "Upgrade Unlocked", check out the guides on the left.  I am picky about who I advertise for, but he is just too awesome.  You might have heard about the "$100 Start-Up".  Yea, he's that guy.

I have not been doing much traveling myself, except for driving around the city.  I spend so much time ferrying people around I figured out I might as well get paid for it.  So, I have now signed up to drive for Lyft and I am in the process of getting all set up with Uber.  Last night I turned on my pink mustache for the first time.  I like to ease into things, so I logged in for about an hour.  I had a ride request just as I was getting home.  Just kidding!  The ride was cancelled.  

Same thing happened today.  I have been logged in for part of the day while at home.  I got one ride request and tried to accept but a rare phone call interrupted it.  Argh!!! And then I accepted another ride, only to get punked again.  Oh well.  It's my training week so I'm figuring out how stuff works.  And, if you are interested in driving for Lyft, they need more pink mustaches out there!  If you do, please be so kind as to use my referral code:  JENNA389228.  That way you get money and I get money.  Or, you can use my custom code: SASSYGIRL in order to get a $20 credit on your first ride.

While were at it, if you have never heard of or tried Airbnb, it is the lovely site I found my magical cottage in Ireland on, and, let's face it, like porn for travelers.  When I need a travel break, I just pick a destination I want to visit and go look at Airbnb listings.  I have a referral code for this one too, for your first stay:  You must be a new user, but get yourself signed up!  Much more fun than a traditional hotel.  

Let's hope I can get my first rides in this weekend.  I am determined.  And then I will have even more stories for you.  In the meantime, be sure to sign up for Lyft, use my codes, and sign up for Airbnb, if you have not already.