I Can't Believe It

It's my last blog post from Ireland.  Everything is packed, dishes done, suitcase weighed.  I had to donate a bag of clothes so I would have enough room and weight allowance to bring home two fifths of whiskey.  True story.

Today I went in to Ennis to do some last-day shopping.  I stopped at a thriftstore and got two pairs of used, but in good condition, Converse for 10 Euro!  And then I went to a few other stores to grab some gifts.  

I stopped in at the Clare Museum, and what a cool exhibition, all about the history of the County Clare.  I was talking to one of the staff there and he told me that the guy that created or engineered submarines has a sub in Portland, and we figured out it must be the one at OMSI. So now I'm going to have to go check that out.  

After I finished at the museum, I drove about 45 minutes to have oysters at Moran's Cottage.  And it was worth the drive!  Six wild oysters on the half shell, and the Moran seafood special later, I was pretty full.  I headed out and noticed a swan in the weir, so I parked the car and walked over to take some pictures of it.  Turned back around and there was a little seal looking right at me.  I missed my photo op of the seal thanks to a big truck going by.  


I decided to round out the day with an Irish coffee from Jack B. Yeats pub in the Lady Gregory Hotel.  I don't do much drinking when I'm out and about because I'm the only driver.  But this seemed like a good idea.  And it was.  I drove home and had a beautiful sunset.

I can't even say how much I love this place.  The wild beauty, the people, the varying landscapes, the animals.  It's touched me deeply in my soul and I can see myself coming back over and over and over again.  There is so much more I want to see and do.  I've come to love Ireland in a way I did not expect.  It's like I found a missing piece of me.  

I'll be back in the States tomorrow night, stopping off in SF to spend a day and a half there, and then on to La Quinta/Palm Springs area.  Who knows what adventures await! This has been brilliant.  I could not have had a more perfect stay.