Steph knocked on my door around 3:40pm, asking if I'd be ready in about 20 minutes.  I decided to take a quick shower to wash off the travel grime and feel a little more awake when we went out.  

Things in the cottage are not quite like they are at home.  The water has to be heated in a small water heater before it gets hot.  Which I neglected to do until right before my shower.  So, I had about 2 minutes of hot water and definitely felt refreshed.

Tulla is about six km away or so, I think. We tried to go to a health food store, which was closed (half day on Weds.).  We ended up at the library, the old market building.  The librarian, Ann, opened up the place for us though she was about to close.  I got a fair lesson in Tulla history within 10 minutes.  Steph graciously allowed me to check out some books on her card, and off we went down the road to the grocery store.  

Left on my own while Steph went to do some other errands, I decided to take some cash out and thought the ATM machine swallowed my card.  Not even in a store for 5 minutes and it's over!  In typical Jenna fashion, I just didn't read the instructions right.  The machine let loose of my card and 100 Euros and shopping I went.  

My favorite purchase, "potato waffles".  Yup.  I'm very curious to try those out.  The food prices are not much different than home.  Of course I bought Irish sausages and baked beans.  But I forgot a tomato, no proper Irish breakfast for me.  I am also quite excited about milk chocolate "Aero" pudding I found.  When you are in a different country, things as mundane as grocery shopping become new adventures.  

Now on to the fuel store.  We pulled right in, decided on peat and wood, and bought four things of each.  I say things, because I have no idea what they are called.  Individually, I suppose they would be bricks.  The quantity would be similar to when you buy those bundles of firewood on the side of the road.  So now I have food, fuel, and enough books to get me started and keep me cozy for a few days.  

Steph's friend offered for me to ride into the nearest big town, Ennis, on Friday with her when she goes to work.  I am pretty sure I am going to do it.  I can meander around while she's at work, and catch a ride back.  Or go to Galway.  Who knows what could happen!  It depends on the weather.  If it's stormy like today, maybe next week I'll go.

I am proud to say I've kept the fire going all night while getting settled, cooking and writing these posts.  It is my main source of heat, besides a portable electric heater, so it does me well to keep it fed.  Steph had to give me a lesson on how to start it and how to clean the ash.  I also successfully cooked up some bacon-wrapped chicken thighs for dinner, tried instant coffee (quite good) and made myself more than one cup of tea.  

I hope the weather is better tomorrow.  Or maybe I don't care.  I want to get out walking and taking photos in some better light.  These are just a few photos I snapped while in Tulla: