48+ Hours Later...Ireland

I touched down in San Francisco 2 days ago.  And now, here I am in Ireland.  On Tuesday, I crossed a continent, an ocean and landed in the West of Ireland.  Not bad for a days work.  

I arrived at approximately 6am in Shannon, 10pm West Coast time.  I made it through customs in about 1 minute.  The passport control agent stamped my passport and away I went.  I came out into the Arrivals hall, no sign of my host anywhere.  Myself and maybe 10 other people were in the airport.  Think a tiny, tiny airport.  My worst nightmare, traveling thousands of miles to a place I've never been, only to find no one there to greet me.  For a very few seconds, I felt alone and disconnected, thinking, "what have I done?"  As I sat patiently and calmly under the "Meeting Point" sign, I saw my host walk through the door. I knew all would be well.

Even at 7am, the weather was dark, rainy and stormy.  Very blustery.  Boston had been a cool 19 degrees and snowing.  This climate is very akin to home.  I was also grateful Steph picked me up!  I could not have even fathomed driving to the cottage after 18 hours of travel, let alone doing it on the other side of the car on the other side of the road.  I am sure my trip would have been cut short as I would have ended up in a ditch on some slaggy, rural road. 

Instead, I arrived at the cottage I rented via AirBnB (https://www.airbnb.ie/rooms/152256), in Western Ireland, County Clare, safe and sound.  Even as I'm typing this I still can't believe it!  On the drive from the airport to the cottage I saw road signs for all these places I researched for months.  And now it was real. Steph built me a fire and got me settled.  And trust me, the cottage is every bit as adorable as the photos I had been pouring over.  I am hopeful I can post a short video tour here in a minute.  We made arrangements to go back in to Tulla (the nearest small village) later in the afternoon around 4pm for supplies.  I wasn't sure I could sleep, but I set my alarm for 3pm, climbed the ladder to the loft and crawled into bed.  I woke to the sound of my alarm at 3pm, and could have easily slept more. 

Druid Cottage Video Tour: http://youtu.be/bwIYB1qtJE8