I Don't Wanna Go...

I was ready for bed, ready to go to sleep and forget about coming back to the States on Wednesday.  I'm not coming home, because I'm in SF for two nights and then off I go to Palm Springs for dog-sitting.  Yes, I do lead a glamorous life.  But for a moment, or maybe several moments, I have been depressed about leaving.  So, I poured myself a Guinness, warmed up my cottage pie and decided to suck it up and upload photos and blog.

The reality is I still have 3 full days here! So I can get a lot done.  There is a drive I have been wanting to take, down to Loop Head.  So, tomorrow, it's on.  What's another 5-6 hours on the road at this point?  Besides, I like driving.  The beauty of the scenery and what's around the next bend keeps me going.

I spent the morning at home, doing the same stuff I'm doing now.  I decided to go back to Adare, a village I passed through yesterday that I wanted to spend more time in.  I visited an old monastery or friary or something like that.  The point is, I was all by myself in these two churches and took photos.  It was really beautiful, being in the Holy Trinity Abbey in the afternoon sun.  Some of the stained glass windows are incredible works of art.  I think these buildings have been around since the 1200s, but I'm not sure.  I'll have to consult the history book on Adare I bought from the church.


I also bought a CD from Holy Trinity Abbey, the second church I went to.  You just put money in a little slot below the visitor's book.  So I signed my name, and said thanks for keeping the place open .  There was a "Dove Cot" back behind the Abbey, where they used to keep pigeons for eating.  Just quite amazing to see all these buildings and historical, monastic sites.  I always love it.  Most of the time I end up in places on accident, and visit the tourist center after I've seen everything they recommend.  A lot of the shops were closed, unfortunately, but that's okay.  


I risked life and limb to get some shots of the castle, which is also closed at this time of the year.  I walked on a very narrow shoulder on a bridge, with nothing separating me from the crazy Irish drivers.  I think I now can qualify as a crazy Irish driver too!  I stopped in for a late lunch at the Blue Door Restaurant.  Good, solid food, but nothing exceptional.  And i think that was the problem with today.  It was a decent, good day out.  But I did not feel exhilarated.  Just sad at the prospect of leaving.


Ah well.  All good things must come to an end always.  But the ending is another beginning, so everything really is cycle. Nothing ever ends or begins, just transitions into something else.  And I'll be back to Ireland, no doubt about that.  There is a lot of the country I did not see, on account of weather and time.  But, I don't want to discover everything on my first trip.  And I found Adare Manor!  Ben and I used to live in Adare Manor, and they favorited one of my tweets a long time ago.  I asked the security guard if I could go in to the grounds and take a photo, but he said no, because construction was in progress.  I almost backed into the cab behind me but made it safely out.  Sometimes it's hard being me.

Since I finished binge watching all of season 5 of Downton Abbey, I'll have to come up with something else to do tonight after I'm done here.  Maybe Netflix...whatever it is, I decided I'm getting up early and going to Loop Head.  It's official.  I might even set my alarm to make sure.  The sun doesn't rise until about 8:30, but the sky gets light around 7am and I could get on the road.  I guess we'll find out tomorrow what happens.