Celtic crosses and medieval banquets.

Today I had a very busy day.  I spent most of the morning burning things.  You name it, I can burn it in the stove.  Cooked food, paper products, whatever.  And it's reduced to a small pile of ash which I then put in a bucket and Steph dumps somewhere in her yard.  

And then I went in to Tulla.  This afternoon was GORGE0US, as you will see from the photos.  I had been dying to get up to the cemetery to take some photos and boy did I.  I was in awe at the headstones.  I hoped I was not being sacrilegious by traipsing through the cemetery to get better shots. It was hard to miss stepping on graves, they took up a lot of space.  The roofless church and old headstones gave me lots of fodder for pictures.  So beautiful I was dying.

I finished up at the cemetery and took care of some errands in town.  I went in to the Fruit/Veg store and had a long conversation with the guy behind the counter.  Then I went to the butcher, Steph suggested I go get some of his beef, so I came out with a few sirloin steaks.  I got some groceries and stopped by the fuel depot on my way out of town to get some more fuel for the fire.

The medieval banquet was scheduled at 5:30, so Steph suggested I stop in at Quin to see the Abbey on my way.  And so I did that too.  Another roofless stone building with lots of graves.  I love them. I met a lady in the cemetery who told me I should ask someone about seeing the inside.  Someone or other had a key to it, but she wasn't sure who might have it.  The Abbey too was gorgeous, and the drive to Quin also took me by Knappogue Castle, but that is closed for the season.  

I managed to take every road to get to Bunratty except for the actual road I needed to take.  4th time is a charm.  But, I made it, with time to spare.  At the banquet I was greeted by a man and woman in medieval costume, and the whole evening was charming.  We had a reception upstairs in the great hall, where they served us delicious honey mead in small ceramic cups.  Delicious.  A man and a woman were playing a fiddle and a harp in the middle of the hall.  

We were given a brief history of the castle, and then led downstairs to the banquet.  I sat next to a mother/daughter from Seattle and they were great all evening.  We started with a delicious soup, followed by a platter of spareribs, a quarter chicken with roasted vegetables and potatoes and some kind of dessert known as "lovers kisses".  He elected one of the couples the Earl and his Lady for the night, and another poor man got thrown in the dungeon.  

The servers also were brilliant singers, each one of them.  They put on a good half-hour of entertainment after the meal, which was wonderful.  Really beautiful voices.  We ate only with steak knives, no silverware.  It was rather fun, I didn't mind.  It was refreshing to just eat with your hands.  It was a lovely, charming evening, and I would recommend going to the dinner.  

At the end of the night, they sent us downstairs for coffee.  I ended up chatting with the most adorable Irish couple who lived just a few miles from the Castle, and had won tickets to come.  They thought it was quite good as well.  Both the mother/daughter and the older couple recommended visiting Loop Head, in addition to the Cliffs of Moher.  So I think that might be my plan tomorrow.  We'll see.