One Week.

It's been exactly a week now.  Hard to believe.  I'm sitting up in bed in the loft, ready to conclude another day.  I spent a lot of today in, between the snow and the wind.  But, I did get out late morning for a 2 hour walk.  

I swear this country is in technicolor.  I'm not sure if it was due to the snow on the ground, and the greens and russets reflected back in the white, but you'll see what I mean if you look at the photos.  

This morning was gorgeous!  It doesn't really fully get light here until around 8:30 or 9:00, and I knew wind was coming in later today, so I left a little earlier than usual.  Even now it's rolling around the cottage and the glen.  Not as bad as the other day, but loud enough that it sounds like thunder rolling through.

I went on my favorite walk, up the hill.  There's a certain point where the road levels out and you can see across the valley and I knew it would make for some good pics.  And it was cold.  I bundled up from head to toe.  

When I got back in from my walk, Steph messaged me if I had seen a ram on my walk.  I hadn't, but I did see some hoof marks in the snow I didn't recognize and let Steph know he headed up the hill.  He escaped to go further down the road to see his love interest, a neighboring horse just past the junction.  I guess he also got out yesterday as well to see his lady love.  But, everyone is back home safe and sound.

I met a farmer walking his horse and two dogs, gorgeous, all of the animals.  Dogs are never on a leash out here, at least that I have seen.  And I usually see more dogs than people.  After I got home and banked the fire, I decided to make a soup.  I had some beets and kale that needed eating, as well as some sausages.  

I did something for the soup I've never done at home, boiled rice in a bag.  I also added potatoes. So, yea, pretty random.  All in all, it ended up pretty well.  I boiled the sausages and used their broth as the base for the soup.  A hearty, simple meal.  

It's interesting how quickly I've adjusted to life here in the cottage.  I love my 2+ hour rambles, most days.  I have barely had coffee, only tea for me.  I can start the fire and keep it going, I'm doing a lot of cooking and being at the cottage.  Steph's cats are my usual companions in the evening. They're down sleeping right now in the living room.  

Next week I'll have a car, so then I'll be getting out and about more.  But I wanted to take the first few weeks to really soak up the countryside and get used to things.  There is something about this place that is special and magical for me.