Seals and the Ocean

I love the ocean.  And I love writing.  This month is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)and I thought what better way to get some work done on my book than at the beach?  Coming off of a road trip where I moved my youngest brother to San Francisco, I needed to get back into my regular writing routine.

And then something unexpected happened.  I found seals! Early yesterday morning I heard them barking, so I knew I had to go out and find them, even though it was cold.  But as the sun was rising, I came upon a spectacular sight and wrote this:

I heard them before I saw them and knew I had to go. Barking to each other across the wide expanse of sea they called to me. Lithe brown bodies diving through translucent green waters under a sea of foam. One, two, three, four. I stood and watched as the currents carried them back and forth, hands freezing. Neither caring nor minding, my feet held in place by the magic of their movement. Coffee long cold, I desperately wished I could capture the beauty right before my eyes. Gulls diving, swimming. Less a feeding frenzy and more a perfect dance of nature. Caught by the magic of the ocean and her creatures, I felt the immense wonder of this world we call home.

These creatures are beautiful, playful and fluid in the ocean.  Many of the times when an animal keeps appearing to me, I wonder what sort of message they bring.  I found out that seals have no external ears, which corresponds to listening to your inner voice.  They represent play and creativity and ease in their environment, whether on land or in the sea. Also, because they reside in the ocean, imagination and creativity come into play.  

I find that traveling always yield unexpected adventures.  Watching those seals yesterday morning is something I will not soon forget.  And they are a reminder to me to pursue my dreams, explore my creativity, and keep adventuring.