Best Things: Tuesday/Wednesday Edition

I am bursting with energy!  Probably the iced venti caramel macchiato I had at 4pm today.  That IS one of the best things I did today.  But first, I need to roll back to yesterday.  

Tuesday Best Things:

I started out the morning and did my AM yoga program with Rodney Yee.  I felt so good I decided I need to add that in to my morning routine.  I was in a great mood all day long.  I got a few blogs scheduled, uploaded some photos and then headed to work in the afternoon.  The best choice I made there was just to be easy with my shift, accept it instead of resisting it.  As a result of this, 5:30 came soon enough.  My brother met me at work and we headed off to my nephew's second baseball game of the week out in the Gresham area, which they had to win in order to get to County this coming weekend.  They already had to play a game Monday night, which they won.  These kids dug in and played an incredibly good game...except they could not finish it due to encroaching darkness, and the game was tied. brother says "what are you doing tomorrow night?" I said, "I guess I'm coming back here."  Of course I was not going to miss this!  My nephew got an incredible out at home (he was playing catcher).  They had to finish the game Wednesday night, until someone won. Most likely an inning or two. 

After the game, I was starving.  I decided to stop by Whole Foods and get some gluten-free powdered donuts.  After a long day of working and baseball watching, I decided I deserved a treat.  I blame my mom for this.  She was always and forever after getting "treats".  Sometimes I hate being gluten-free and really crave a donut.  That was a best thing because I didn't give in to my craving for a gluten-full piece of pizza or any other bread-related item, but stuck with gluten-free.  It's always a win when I take care of me.  I knew I had to work this morning and wanted to be sharp.  

Wednesday Best Things:

This morning I got to work.  MY LAST SHIFT AT PIER 1!!!  I was super-excited about this.  One of the best things I did was to decide to work out my posted schedule and not call out of any of my shifts.  The awesome thing is they want to me to come back and work over the holidays.  Not that I will, but I like the option.  I never say never.  After an awesome morning of sales, I left just after 1:30.  Off I went to the credit union to deposit my last check.  I thought I'd have to wait, but it was awesome getting paid this week!  Making today my last day was a best thing I did a few weeks ago.  I never let money sit, it always goes straight to my account.  I keep my mind on my money and my money on my mind.  I had just enough time to get home, take an ultra-quick shower (best thing because I felt refreshed and washed the dirt and grime off me) and change into more suitable attire for the game (a sundress).  

I headed off to get my brother and nephew for the game, and this is when I got the venti macchiato.  We got Connor there an hour early and headed off in search of a 711.  That was not necessarily a best thing because that place was cray!  But, on the other hand, I did feel a tiny bit better about myself.  Okay, back to the game.  My nephew had been talking about pitching all day and was ready for it.  He's like a total secret weapon. The other team was at bat first, and we had one pitcher who got two on base, and two runs came in.  Now we were down by two.  My nephew came in and shut the rest out, and up to bat we go.  

WE NEVER EVEN GOT A HIT, but we got out speediest base runners on via walks and they both got home.  Game is tied.  My nephew gets walked on to base, gets around the bases to third.  When he slides into third, they overthrow it and the third baseman cannot find the ball. By the time he gets it home, my nephew slid in, jarring the catcher enough that any chance he had of tagging him out ended.  And so at this little elementary school field in the middle of the Centennial district, my nephew scored the winning run.  We erupted!  The kids were so excited and we made a tunnel for the kids and the coaches to run through.  It was so cool to be a part of. The coach bought all the kids a Slurpee from 711 in Milwaukie, their sponsor.  We felt a little bit better about it because at least we were back in a familiar hood.  It was just awesome.

I dropped my brother and nephew off and drove home in the setting sun thinking about how blessed I am.  And those were most of my best things.  Now, I'm sitting out on the back deck, drinking a glass of Vermentino wine from my favorite winery in Napa, Castello di Amorosa.  The lights are on, and the sun has set. The night is still pretty balmy.  I am excited I get to wake up tomorrow and do not have to go to Pier 1.  I am also excited that I get to go watch my nephew play in the County tournament this weekend.  Oh!  And I decided to return my Redbox movies tonight by walking, instead of driving.  So, I managed to squeeze a good 20-minute walk in.  I don't think I need to tell you why going for a walk is a "best thing".  I think you probably get it.  I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings me!  

My Current State of Inspiration is Drug-Induced.

My Current State of Inspiration is Drug-Induced.

Awesome!  It's only been 10 days since I blogged last.  Well, what's going to happen next is more than one blog, because my current state of inspiration is drug-induced.  Meaning, at approximately 2pm this afternoon I had a dark-chocolate espresso bean cluster that is just now hitting me.  I have timed this, and caffeine hits me hard about 6 hours after I have it, and then I crash.  Strike while the iron is hot as they say!  I'm now having a glass of Zinfandel to bring me down.  Uppers-downers-uppers-downers.  Sometimes that's how I roll.

I Don't Care About Selling Your F***ing Credit Card.  

So, I just had to get to the computer.  This has been a big week.  Not only have I been traveling, but I decided to pull the plug on my job at Pier 1.  Let's face it, I don't care about "selling" their f***ing credit card.  "This is a sales job, not a cashier position".  Please.  You are paying me $10 an hour.  $$$10 AN HOUR!!!!  I would rather go flip burgers at McDonald's. That was my first job, but I never actually flipped burgers.  Nope,  don't need your BS sales rhetoric, I'm going to drive for Lyft full-time and see what happens.

I Do Care About Freedom.

This is why I'm driving for Lyft.  I can make my own hours, and twice the money in half the time.  I logged in for 2 hours last week.  1 of those hours I spent watching an episode of "Ripper Street" on BBCAmerica (it's really good by the way).  The other hour I spent driving around in the West Hills at sunset and made $40.  IN ONE HOUR!!!  You do the math.  That made my decision very easy.

And I Love Meeting New People.

Let's face it.  Lyft keeps me engaged.  I'm always learning a new route, meeting new people, and it is for a very brief time.  I don't have to solve problems or answer ridiculous questions and people are coming to me for a service they already want!  Hint: I don't have to sell them anything!  Don't get me wrong, I love getting people to buy useless things they probably don't need and getting them to go in debt for it. Wait.  I'm off track again. I don't really enjoy doing that.  I do enjoy getting people safely to their destination in a car with polka-dot seat covers.  Who doesn't love polka-dots?

By Now You Think I'm Crazy.

I most likely am, and for good reason.  I'm writing this blog in about 10 minutes flat.  Previews of things to come: conversations with my Grandma (she's hilarious), travels to Long Beach, WA (and what I found there) and my trip to Oakland, CA a few weeks ago with my brother (it is amazing, despite the random gunshots).