BestThings: Late Wednesday Edition

I am so happy today.  Silly happy today. And I got a VERY late start, not even getting up until after nine. But that's because, well, I had a very full, fun day yesterday.

Cleaning. I started off the morning cleaning.  As one of my part-time jobs, I agreed to take on cleaning one of my friends' houses for her a couple of times a month.  We worked out our terms and I spent 3.5 hours yesterday sweeping, mopping, cleaning floors and bathrooms.  I got a great work-out in!  And, because I was using a Shark to clean the floors, it was like being in a sauna all day long.  My skin looks amazing and I might have sweated out about five pounds.  Nothing wrong with hard work. I was so glad I didn't shower before.  But seriously, I was super-happy to be of service and put my cleaning skills to use in my friend and her family's home because your home is important.  And I know if mine is not clean, I can't seem to focus on much else.  It's good for us creatives to have order, but we don't always like doing it ourselves.  So pay someone else to do it and everyone benefits!  

Late lunch.  I drove home and took a quick shower, which made me about 15 minutes late for a lunch I scheduled with a friend from elementary/jr. high.  I knew she would be glad I showered so I took the extra time.  Anyway, we talk a lot on Facebook, but decided to meet in the real world and finally got it nailed down.  We met at one of my favorite cafes, Costello's Travel Caffe.  I had the most delicious roast beef sandwich with cheese and horseradish.  And, you can get gluten-free bread on any sandwich.  It was awesome!  We had a great time catching up on the years over lunch and decided we would meet periodically.  So good!  Of course I had to take a gluten-free peanut butter chocolate chip cookie home with me.

Books.  I love books.  I always have, and always will.  I have stack of them waiting to be read.  Well, actually, stacks of them, to be accurate.  I've been reading some personal growth books so I decided to take a break and go to Barnes & Noble and find a bargain fiction book.  And so I did.  Bellman & Black, by Diane Setterfield.  I had read her other book and enjoyed it, so I knew this was the one.  I read a few pages last night before falling asleep and I think it's going to be good.

Lyft. Always interesting.  I picked up a guy from Chicago at the Dollar Tree at Lloyd Center (???).  Yea, I don't know how he got there either but he kept talking about getting lost, so who knows.  Super-nice guy, so I dropped him off and headed back home.  I had another ride request and was on my way but it was cancelled.  I decided to do a few errands, and then drive down to the area around 8th & Burnside and see if I could pick up some passengers. I was sitting in my car reading my book on a side street most likely looking like a weirdo, when a request for a ride a few blocks away came in.  Off I went.  I  picked up a few guys from a bar and took them home.  But, one gets out and the other stays with me and we head on to Mississippi St.  Next thing I know, we're having a beer together.  Good thing I agreed to it, because he left his phone in my car.  We shared some time and conversation, and who knows, maybe we'll get together again in the future outside of Lyft.  I'm down.  And, I did give him my awesome business card, instead of just a number in a phone, so he knows how to get in touch.  Plus, he gave me the best tip ever.  Easily my best passenger experience to date.  I don't normally do that when working, but for some reason, saying yes seemed like the right thing to do.  Super-cool guy.

They say the Universe reflects back to you the degree to which you are open in regards to love.  And I'm not even talking about romantic love, just being in love with life.  And I would have to say this is true, based on the experiences I have been having with all kinds of people these days.  I am beyond excited to be going on a road trip this weekend, to see my best friend and my dad.  More adventures await!

BestThings: Tuesday Edition

Today is going to be short and sweet.  

Morning Pages, Yoga and Money Tending.  These are the first things I do every morning.  I write three pages, get out my yoga mat, check my bank account balance and inventory my expenses and income for the previous day.  I use morning pages as my touchstone to build everything else around.

Lunch. Probably the best thing about yesterday was meeting my friend Shauna for lunch at Jade.  Though our lunch was short and sweet as well, it was so good to see her and do some catching up.  She and her husband moved to Denver last year and we have not seen each other since.  But, the awesome thing is we picked up right where we left off. And I think a trip to Denver is in the works for the fall.

Lyft.  I logged in yesterday afternoon because I spent too much time doodling around in the morning to get any rides in.  Tuesday night is probably not the best night to work.  But, I did get three rides in and made about $40.  Not too shabby.  I took a really nice man to a dance studio in Sellwood, gave a guy a ride to the airport and picked up a mom and her daughter at Kennedy School and took them to Mississippi St for sushi.  

Family. All in all it was a pretty low-key day yesterday too.  Oh!  And I did get to see my nephew's baby for a few brief minutes.  I gave them a ride after lunch.  Any time I get to see that cute little munchkin is a bonus.  I was in bed early last night, and chose to spend my time before bed to wind down reading my Dad's newest book, "Pilatus the Damned".  

Today I've got some fun things planned, but I'll tell you about those tomorrow.  Off to my next adventure!  

BestThings: Monday Edition

I messed up yesterday on my title.  Yesterday should have been "BestThings: Sunday Edition".  Kind of like the Sunday paper.  Today is ACTUALLY the Monday edition, because it is all the best things that happened on Monday, yesterday.

I Lyfted! I drove for Lyft yesterday for the first time.  Driving time was 3 hours and 53 minutes, I gave 7 rides and pulled in just over $100.  Not bad for 4 hours of work.  I know without a doubt my decision to go with Lyft as my only job is the right one.  All the pressure from having to be dependent on someone else dictating my time evaporated.  I got up, did morning pages and yoga, tended my money garden.  I drove for a few hours, came home and took a break for a few hours, then went back out in the road.  Making my own schedule is AWESOME.

The House of Reptiles.  And, I learned something really interesting.  There is a place called the "House of Reptiles" out in Tigard.  It includes a "venomous snake" museum.  A couple I gave a ride to that were here from Roseburg specifically went to check that out.  Who knew?  People are definitely keeping this area weird.  The location was in a strip mall.  Go figure.

Lunch.  Oh, you thought this was about lunch yesterday.  Nah.  I made lunch plans to see a very dear friend of mine today (Tuesday) who is in town from Denver.  I am super-excited to see her AND we are going to one of my favorite places in town, Jade Teahouse & Patisserie in Sellwood.  Yum!!! 

Dinner.  I ended up meeting friends for dinner at Cha Cha Cha in Sellwood before going to Open Mic.  I'll get to that in a minute.  I've been spending a lot of time at Cha Cha Cha.  For whatever reason, I love Mexican food in the heat.  And, sitting out on the patio is super-fun.  

Open Mic. Most every Monday night my very good friends host an open mic at Corkscrew Wine Bar in Sellwood.  Yes, I know.  A lot of my time is spent eating and drinking while socializing.  This open mic is an amazing community of gifted artists, mainly poets and musicians, who often come every Monday night to share their talents.  Even I will get up and read poetry sometimes, and have been known to perform a song.  It gives me a shot of inspiration every time I go.  And some great friendships have come out of this. My friends Chris and Jen built an amazing community of performers.

So there you have it.  My BestThings from yesterday.  Oh!  One more thing.  One of my Facebook friends posted this on my wall "

I blame u for this.  you're adventurous spirit consumed me. 

Made me realize I need to live life.. happy.

Adore u n miss u.

If I can inspire even one person to live life happy, on their terms, I feel like my job is done.