This year I made a decision.  No presents.  For anyone.  Except for my two nephews.  It's not because I can't afford it, or because I don't enjoy giving gifts because I do.  It's more about all the ridiculous stress associated with the Christmas season.  My feelings about this time of year are always mixed, because this is when I lost my mom.  I love this season, but I have grown to despise the level of commercialism.  Christmas decor out in September?  Can you even let us get through Thanksgiving?  

I'm tired of it.  So this is my way to rebel, ever so slightly.  And you know what, it's been awesome!  I went to the mall the other day, was in and out within an hour with the gifts I needed to get. Over, done.  No stress.  No hours of wrapping presents or agonizing over how much to spend on gifts for whomever.  It's done.  

I told everyone no presents for me either.  But, my sneaky best friend sent me a present anyway.  Written in black sharpie was this message: *This is not a Christmas Gift.  This is a winter gift that you can not open until Dec. 25. Love you!  Sneaky, sneaky. I guess I'll have one to open after all.