BestThings: Monday Edition

The beauty of the natural world is immeasurable. - Freelance Adventurer

Happy Monday!  I don't really have Mondays anymore, or weekends.  My life is now one continuum, which makes things easier because my life is no longer compartmentalized into working hours and non-working hours.  With Lyft, I can work anytime I want.  So, I sometimes lose track of days.  It's almost like I'm retired.  And I am.  From cubicle America.  

Best Friends. Spending time with Chris and her family is one of the best things.  Chris and Brian (her boyfriend) cut down a tree in the morning, and then we watched "North by Northwest" with Carey Grant in the afternoon.  We had breakfast tacos and I spent the day doing much of nothing at all.  Chris and I have known each other since we were nine.  Nine!  And somehow, even though I moved away from Banks, and she moved away from Oregon, our friendship remained strong.  We have been through births, deaths, marriages and divorces.  We have both lost parents and shared so many life experiences together it seems as if we were always friends.  I am so happy I get to spend this time with her.

Animals.  As Brian calls it, it is kind of the wild kingdom over here.  Three inside dogs and a cat, two outside dogs and two or three barn cats and a horse.  It's fun to look outside and see Cowboy (the horse) just hanging out.  I woke up this morning and I had both of the smaller dogs in bed with me, one on each side of my knees.  I have no animals of my own, but I do love them.  I want to be able to have my own someday, but I want the time and space to spend with them and I know if I got one, it would lead to more.  I love being able to enjoy these guys.  

Magic Mike.  So I gave in and we watched the first "Magic Mike" last night on-demand.  I have never seen so many men's asses all in one place.  It was hilarious because there we were, sitting on the couch, Chris, Chelsea (her daughter) and I, watching "Magic Mike" and eating ice cream.  Does not get more stereotypical than that.  Matthew McConaughey is hilarious.  And now I am genuinely concerned about what happens to Mike.  I suppose I'm going to have to see the second one at some point.

Fire.  Chris decided to burn some boxes last night around sunset, so we had a fire.  We had to quit because it was too windy and the embers were blowing around.  It cooled down significantly yesterday, which was nice.  I took some photos of the sunset which was beautiful.  I'll post them later today.  But that's what's cool about living in the sticks.  You can just go out and have a fire!

Later this week we are going up to the Stanley, Idaho area, around the Sawtooth Mountains, and spending a few nights "camping" up there.  I am so excited, because I have never been.  From there, I will take a straight shot North to Missoula directly up through the Bitterroot Valley.  It's been a lot of years since I've been to Montana, and I am happy to get back to the "last best place" and see my Dad.