BestThings: Friday Edition

What's been kicking my ass lately?  This heat. I love Portland up to about 85 degrees.  Even 90 is tolerable.  But hit 95....and 100....too far.  The weather is supposed to start cooling down after this weekend, which I am looking forward to.  I've been housesitting for my pals on their houseboat, which is awesome, except when it gets to over 100 and no A/C.  Yes, now I'm one of those.  I need A/C in the car and in the house.  Which leads me to a few of the best things about the last few days.

Cool Showers.  Nothing like feeling as if you've been camping at the river for almost 2 weeks.  Coming home today and taking a cool shower in an air-conditioned house and then laying down for a nap was nothing short of heaven.  Last night I didn't sleep very well, so tonight I'm kicking it at home hoping to get a good, full night's sleep.  

Face Time from Turkey.  It was awesome to talk to my friends Patrick and Jen (who I'm housesitting for at the houseboat) from Turkey today!  They are having so much fun.  It was just so good to see their beautiful faces and see them so happy.  I love those two tons!  

Kingsman.  I watched this movie today during the hottest part of the afternoon.  LOVED it.  It was great fun. Colin Firth was excellent as always.  But this kid that starred in it...brilliant.  Just a fun movie.

My brothers.  I love them.  Ben called from California yesterday and Jason texted me last night just to say hi and see what was going on.  I'm so blessed that we are so close.  And they're both pretty awesome dudes too.  

Late night wine stops.  I texted my other Jen friend last night to see if they were home.  We sat out on their porch drinking some wine talking until her husband got home.  I am also very blessed with the friends that I have in my life.  Daily I count my blessings that I can be so close with such amazing people.  I'm the lucky one.

 More housesitting adventures.  Yesterday I drove out to the hills above 213 in Oregon City to get the lowdown on my next assignment.  I get to stay in a lovely, Victorian country home next week.  The things I'm most excited about:  getting fresh eggs from the chickens I get to feed and the possibility of sleeping outside on the deck.  Should be super-fun

Coffee with Kelly.  Today my housemate, landlord, friend Kelly came over for coffee.  I set up a little brunch outside and we sat outside and talked over french press coffee, waffles, strawberries and whipped cream.  And then we walked down to the public dock.  I've been having so much fun having people over and sharing the houseboat with them.  

Cleaning.  Yesterday morning I went over to clean Jen's house.  I love it because I get to spend time with her, and I get a great workout and a steam sauna at the same time!  Plus I make some cash, which we can all use.

I always have so much to be grateful for.  I feel like I have been on vacation all summer long, even though I have been working here and there.  I've got to be in so many cool places, and reconnect with so many people I love.  It has been magical!  And it's not over yet.  Looking forward to even more adventures in August!

BestThings: Sunday Edition

At this present moment, there are so many things I can write about.  So many little things I am grateful for.  And this is what it's about - what can I be grateful for right now, right at this moment.  Here's what happened between yesterday and today:

Lyft.  Last night I worked for a few hours.  Most of my rides were okay, but I gave one guy a ride and he told me I was his favorite Lyft driver ever.  I ended up giving him my card so if he wanted to get in touch with me again he could.  It was just a cool ride, easy conversation.  You never know who you might meet.  

Bowling.  Today my nephew, Connor, called me twice and texted me 15 times until I got back in touch with him.  He and I and his dad ended up going bowling, which ended up being really fun.  Jason actually used me as a Lyft driver too, to take them.  Haha!  After bowling we went back and watched the end of a disaster movie and ate homemade pizza.  Such a fun, unexpected afternoon!

Wine, Coffee and...more coffee. I've been watching my friends' neighbors dogs over the weekend while I'm housesitting their place.  And so then, one of the other neighbors asked if I would water their plants over the next few hot days.  Michelle brought me back some Green Salmon coffee from Yachats and gave me a bottle of wine.  And Cathi, the other neighbor, gave me a $20 Starbucks card.  That's what happens when you say yes.

Antman.  Yesterday Jason (my brother), Connor and I went out to the Beaverton Cinetopia to see "Ant Man".  I had no expectations of this movie and ended up loving it!  One of the best movies I've seen lately.  And, the awesome thing was Jason had some expired Groupons so we paid under $10 for three of us to see a Saturday afternoon movie.  

Brunch.  I stopped in at home this afternoon, while working for Lyft, just in time to finish off the last little bits of brunch Kelly (my housemate and landlord) had made for herself and her guests.  Perfect timing!  And, I was starving anyway. 

The Pugs.  Ollie and Yogi.  Pugs are not my favorite dogs, but these little guys were really good.  Even if I fed them a little late, or sometimes they had to stay in the laundry room at their house while I was gone, they were such good dogs.  Michelle said this has been the least crazy reunion she has had with them

Connor. Tonight my nephew is over hanging out again.  I warned him he was going to have to watch some "Lord of the Rings" extended-version movies, and he said he was okay with that.  So I think we're going to have ice cream and watch some movies.  It's nice to be housesitting so close, and we get to hang out. 

My life keeps expanding and expanding and expanding.  I am having so much fun right now!  Embracing new experiences and meeting new people.  This has become the constant in my life.  Blessings upon blessings upon blessings are being heaped on me, and not always in the way I think.  This week is sure to be full of more magic and fun.  Happy Adventuring!!  

BestThings: Wednesday Edition

I've been up since 6:30.  What the hell have I been doing all day?  Well...some of the best things, of course.  

Meditation. Lately I've been spending about 20 minutes a day listening to and meditating with Oprah and Deepak's most recent meditation program.  I was talking about this with my brother last night and meditation is nothing more than getting still, and listening to what your deepest, truest self has to tell you.  Getting past the surface monkey mind and just chilling out.  I find it starts my day in the best way.

Yoga.  As time goes on, I don't really have an option to not exercise daily.  Especially for one who can sit for hours at a time writing and doing whatever else on the computer.  I do a simple morning program with Rodney Yee, AM Yoga, that gets the juices flowing and puts me in a calm state of being.  It is one exercise program I have been pretty constant with over many years.

Walking.  Last night I took a walk up on the railroad tracks.  Sunset was approaching, it was cool and the light was too good to waste.  Walking is another thing that helps me still my mind and work out whatever might be troubling my mind at the time.  I never have a set speed or time, I simply meander around, and let my feet take me where they will.  This time I ended up over near the Waverly Golf Course.  I considered hopping the fence just to see if I could, but then decided it probably was not a good idea, and headed back home.

Watering.  The whole reason I'm staying on the houseboat is to water the plants.  There is something so soothing and rhythmic about taking care of other living things, even if just plants.  I do believe we humans are meant to nurture and take care of other living things, not exploit them.  I think we were given more sentient knowledge for a reason, not just so we could destroy other living things, but so we could nurture and protect them.  

Connor.  I got to spend some time yesterday with my 12-year old nephew.  He stayed the night with me on the houseboat.  I swear, this kid is 100 if he's 12.  I don't know, he's got such an old soul sometimes, and then other times he can be a silly, spacey 12-year old boy.  He hacked my Facebook account and made some comment about how I liked to smell his farts all day.  We went to a comic book store in downtown Milwaukie, and then stopped in at Mike's Drive-In on the way to take him home.  He's a good kid, always up to go adventuring with me.

I am continuing on in my journey of grace and gratitude.  Taking time every day to reflect on "BestThings" helps me stay in that flow.  There is ALWAYS so much to be grateful for.  As Deepak says, in every moment we have a choice to be grateful.  Can't wait to see what the rest of the day brings.  Happy Adventuring!