It's July 10th And I'm Still Eating Potato Salad...

All true and left-over from a July 4th celebration.  My grandma taught me and a party-goer requested the recipe and I thought, "Huh.  I don't have a recipe." And so I set out to re-create how I made the potato salad for this event.  Then I decided I would share it here on my blog.  What's for dinner tonight?  The last of the potato salad.  

1 dozen eggs
6-8 Russet Potatoes (6 if large, 8 if a few smaller potatoes)
Steinfeld’s baby dill pickles (I like 10-12)
Dijon mustard
Pickle juice (trust me - it works)
Salt (to taste) optional
Pepper (to taste) optional
Garlic salt or powder (to taste) optional
Celery salt (to taste) optional
Paprika (for garnishment) optional
-Put two large pans of water on the stove on high to bring to boil at the same time (one for eggs, one for potatoes)
-Wash and scrub potatoes
-Cut potatoes into chunks, skin on
-Put eggs in one pan carefully
-Put potato chunks in second pan
-Once eggs come to good, rolling boil, take them off the heat and cover, setting them aside to cook in the boiled water (a good 10-12 mins works, or until you are done boiling potatoes)
-Allow potato chunks to boil until soft, but not mealy (eggs should be good to go at this time)
-Take potatoes off heat and drain in a colander or whatever method works, allow them to cool
-Drain eggs, bathe eggs and allows them to sit in cold water
-Gently peel potato skins off the chunks (I like to use my hands but whatever works), the skins should come off fairly easily
-Put peeled potato chunks back in pan
-Take eggs out of cold water bath and peel one by one, putting in pan with peeled potatoes (if you can get them peeled by the membrane just inside the shell you will get a lot more egg)
-Mash potatoes and eggs together (I like to use a hand potato masher as you can control the size of the eggs and potatoes much better, but again, whatever works)
-At any point, dice the baby dill pickles (I am a horrible “dicer”, so I get them in irregular chunks close to the size)
-Throw pickles in with eggs and potatoes
-Add between 1 ½ to 2 cups of mayo to mix or as little or as much as you like (do start with a lesser amount and add to taste so you do not end up with too much mayo)
-Add between 2-3 tbsp of dijon mustard, or as little or as much as you like (follow same directions as mayo - start small)
-Add in a little pickle juice to cut the mayo and mustard, or none at all (again, start small as you do not want too much liquid)
-Add salt/pepper/garlic salt or powder to taste
*works best to make a day ahead for time to cool down and chill, taste again before serving and adjust mayo/mustard/pickle juice/spices if necessary, but even a few hours in the fridge will allow it to cool

Best Things: Monday Edition.

Too many fun things yesterday.  I didn't have to work, yay!  Deciding to block out Mondays as a no-work day is also one of the best choices I made.  No Pier 1, no Lyft.  Well, after tomorrow there will be no more Pier 1 at all. That is another best thing.  But we already talked about that.  Mondays are my "creative work" days, to catch up on things like posting photos, extra blogs, reading, etc.  I did have to go get a mandatory fire extinguisher from Lyft yesterday.  Who requires a fire extinguisher in your car?  The City of Portland, that's who.  

So, on to the other best things from yesterday.  I did morning pages.  Always keeps me centered. That's one of the best choices I try to make every single day because it helps me get clear on things.  I decided to cook myself a real breakfast, and made gluten-free pancakes with a mix from Trader Joe's and some bacon.  I even made enough to have left-over breakfast for the next day.  Well, today.  Tuesday.  After I went to get my mandatory fire extinguisher I decided I needed some summer clothes.  The next best thing was going to H&M.  I don't know why, but their clothes always work for me.  I intended to get some summer dresses, but that wasn't working so I came out with a romper.  A tank top and shorts, all in one, for grown-ups. Yup, it surprised the hell out of me too that it looked the best.  I got leggings, some basic tanks, 4 pairs of shoes, new shades and even a jacket/shawl thing with some fringe on it (H&M Coachella edition) for under $90!  It is amazing what a new outfit will do for you.  Or outfits, I guess, in this case.

I took stuff to my storage unit and organized it, clearing my car out.  I am in the process of moving the things I had stored at my brother's out of his garage and into my unit.  I think I have a unit at the oldest building in Portland.  I get to use a freight elevator and everything.  It's awesome!  Plus, I found my coffee grinder so now I can grind the coffee from Galway I got from the Celtic Corner.  Bonus!  I cooked myself the most amazing lunch, having another steak/tomato/avocado/feta salad.  Super-good!  The best things about these eating choices are I'm not going out and I'm getting in my veggies.  And it was pretty delicious too.  I watched part of the movie "Wild" and then had to pause it to finish later because time to go!  

One of the last best things about yesterday was my youngest nephew's play-in game.  Meaning, regular season is over, so his team has to play two games to get into County.  Last night was the first.  It was a beautiful night, so watching baseball and especially my nephew was a bonus.  The whole team played very well, and ended up winning the game 9-8.  My nephew played catcher and third baseman, hit an awesome double and then got a hit and out on another at-bat but hit a run in.  It was so fun seeing those kids get so excited about winning that game.  I love watching them play.  Tonight we have another game.  If they win this one, they are in to County this weekend.  One of the best things was watching him win.  I came home and finished up watching "Wild".  That was one of the better movies I have seen in awhile.  So that was another best thing, deciding to watch it.  Another day in the books.  Can't wait to see what today brings!