Best Things: Thursday Edition.

According to my computer, it is 6:20am.  I have no idea why I've been up since about 4:30am today.  Partially the warm weather, the birds singing and the sun rising early.  But, also, my nephew has his first county game today in Woodburn at 9, so I'm going.  And I've got to pick up my nephew, his girlfriend and the baby so they can go too.  

I started off my day by doing yoga, and then morning pages.  Taking that 20 minutes or so in the morning to do yoga only makes my day better.  So I think that is going to turn into a "best practice" for me daily, kind of like morning pages.  I wrote another blog detailing my trip to Long Beach and intended to complete my TripAdvisor reviews. I intended to spend most of the day at home, but, well, my nephew called to see if I could take them shopping.  I finished up my blog, called them back and said yes!  When given the chance to spend the afternoon with the baby, I jumped on it.  And my nephew and his girlfriend, of course.  Even as warm as it was, Audree was so good!  Only getting cranky towards the very end. And I was amazed watching these two 17-year olds take care of this little girl like pros.  So one of the very best things was saying yes to spending some time with them.  After all, this is partially why I quit my job at Pier 1, so I was not at the mercy of someone else's schedule.

I gotta be honest, I've been struggling a little with quitting my job at Pier 1 and going full-time with Lyft.  It's scary chasing your dreams.  And even though I was making maybe $125 a week at Pier 1 (whaaaattt??? that's nothing!) in my mind I still had a "steady" source of income coming in.  I was worried about this and that and the other thing.  So, instead of using my typical escape hatch of tuning out and watching a show online, I decided to dig in and read some more of my "Money: A Love Story" book by Kate Northrup.  I poured myself a glass of wine and got to work.  

That was another best thing because instead of hiding from my fear, I decided to acknowledge it, but even more than that, I took some positive action to move me out of the "lack" mentality I had momentarily slipped in (I can't make enough money with Lyft to support myself!) into the mentality of understanding my fears and back into abundance (there is more than enough for me and everyone else) because the truth of the matter is there is enough.  I was worrying about all kinds of things and getting myself all worked up.  I had to do some writing exercises throughout the book, so for me, writing always bursts my crazy bubble.  The last best thing I did last night was put myself to bed around 9:30.  I knew I had an early morning, and I did not want to be tired.  There's one thing I know for sure about today-I'm going to Woodbury for some baseball!  Woohoo!!!!