Astoria Review

I enjoyed this book, though the end seemed a bit abrupt and then here I was in the epilogue. I would have liked a little bit more of an ending, but otherwise, a very good read. I spent my first 8 years in Astoria and frequently go back as I still have family in the area. I learned a lot that I didn't know and confirmed some I had suspected. What strikes me most is how Astor simply decided he should be the one to build the "Western" empire. He laid it on the line financially, but nothing physically and then chastised his men for failing after they had been through such horrific experiences. That seems to be a consistent way with most of the richest people and those who specifically were involved in the start of our country, and most of those being white men. Though he started from not much, it does not seem he had any clear idea of the absolute difficulties they faced or maybe he figured if he did it, so should they be able to. I have no idea. I definitely would recommend this book if you like history and to learn more about the first American outpost on what is now the West Coast.