BestThings: Wednesday Edition

I've been up since 6:30.  What the hell have I been doing all day?  Well...some of the best things, of course.  

Meditation. Lately I've been spending about 20 minutes a day listening to and meditating with Oprah and Deepak's most recent meditation program.  I was talking about this with my brother last night and meditation is nothing more than getting still, and listening to what your deepest, truest self has to tell you.  Getting past the surface monkey mind and just chilling out.  I find it starts my day in the best way.

Yoga.  As time goes on, I don't really have an option to not exercise daily.  Especially for one who can sit for hours at a time writing and doing whatever else on the computer.  I do a simple morning program with Rodney Yee, AM Yoga, that gets the juices flowing and puts me in a calm state of being.  It is one exercise program I have been pretty constant with over many years.

Walking.  Last night I took a walk up on the railroad tracks.  Sunset was approaching, it was cool and the light was too good to waste.  Walking is another thing that helps me still my mind and work out whatever might be troubling my mind at the time.  I never have a set speed or time, I simply meander around, and let my feet take me where they will.  This time I ended up over near the Waverly Golf Course.  I considered hopping the fence just to see if I could, but then decided it probably was not a good idea, and headed back home.

Watering.  The whole reason I'm staying on the houseboat is to water the plants.  There is something so soothing and rhythmic about taking care of other living things, even if just plants.  I do believe we humans are meant to nurture and take care of other living things, not exploit them.  I think we were given more sentient knowledge for a reason, not just so we could destroy other living things, but so we could nurture and protect them.  

Connor.  I got to spend some time yesterday with my 12-year old nephew.  He stayed the night with me on the houseboat.  I swear, this kid is 100 if he's 12.  I don't know, he's got such an old soul sometimes, and then other times he can be a silly, spacey 12-year old boy.  He hacked my Facebook account and made some comment about how I liked to smell his farts all day.  We went to a comic book store in downtown Milwaukie, and then stopped in at Mike's Drive-In on the way to take him home.  He's a good kid, always up to go adventuring with me.

I am continuing on in my journey of grace and gratitude.  Taking time every day to reflect on "BestThings" helps me stay in that flow.  There is ALWAYS so much to be grateful for.  As Deepak says, in every moment we have a choice to be grateful.  Can't wait to see what the rest of the day brings.  Happy Adventuring!