Back To School

It’s been a long time. I have not written a public blog in 5 months. I don’t know why, really. A lot of times I think about writing things and then don’t. But, I have it, so might as well use it. And now that I am in school, I am doing a lot of writing, which seems to be inspiring me to do even more writing.

School has been an adjustment, that is for sure. This term, I am gone Monday-Thursday, from basically 8am-8pm. Long days. I attend 2 classes in person at Portland State University: Intro to Fiction Writing and Business Publishing for Writers. One class is online, Critical Theory of Cinema. All of this while working my same full-time job.

At this point, I am in Week 7 of a 10-week term. Hard to believe a mere 4 months ago I had not even thought of this as a possibility. But, one Sunday afternoon in January while sitting in my room my soul whispered “why don’t you go to school for what your heart truly desires?”. If I was going to do something else, why not this?

The one regret I ever had in my life, or maybe the biggest one I had, was that I wished I would have gone to school for writing. I thought many, many times about getting an MFA, but having a Business degree, I needed the critical piece of instructors to give me writing recommendations.

I started with lofty ideas of getting a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in Film Studies. After realizing I want to get my 2nd degree as fast as possible and I don’t want to take 2 years of Spanish or minor in Film, I have switched over to a Bachelor’s of Science in English. All this really means is no 2-year language requirement or Fine Art class.

It is becoming more apparent as I journey on in school the subject that really gets me going is book publishing. Turns out PSU has a Master’s in Book Publishing and they run their own press. And, I could visit a literary festival and publishing houses in Scotland over a 2-week span in the summer. So, I think at this point, my end-game is to finish up my Bachelor’s of Science in English, then apply to get a Master’s in Book Publishing.

As hard as this is, I know it is exactly what I am meant to be doing. I feel now more than ever my external pursuits finally, finally match what is in me internally. Besides, in getting this 2nd degree I can see if I have the chops to do the work and succeed at getting a Master’s degree. I am saying all this to say is that it really is never too late. I will turn 48 years old this year and chances are I am older than most of my instructors. But, IT DOES NOT MATTER. For me, this is my formal training ground, to take all the work I have been doing on my own and hone it to a fine, sharp point. By the time I am 50, it is likely I will have a Master’s degree. Oh, and so far, I am an A student.

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