Personal Update.

This year, for me, has been wild and crazy already.  I spent January in Ireland, almost two weeks in the Palm Springs area right after coming home from Ireland, dog-sitting for my then bosses, had a five day window towards the end of February, in which I moved out from their house, which I had been housesitting at since October, and then went directly almost two weeks housesitting for my brother, keeping track of my two nephews (12 and 16) and a few animals, while he and his girlfriend went to Hawaii.

Phew!!  Now I'm finally done with all that shit.  And getting settled in to my new home.  Well, my new room in a home that is very dear and familiar to me.  I'm back in my old hood, the Hollywood District in NE Portland.  I'm renting a room from a very good family friend, while I figure out what I want to be when I grow up.  And living in the area where we (my brothers and I) grew up.  I'm doing my own version of "where's Waldo?".  I could be anywhere at any time, you just never know.  So I thought I would set the record straight.

I did this all on purpose, though on the surface it might seem very random.  But, in order to pursue my dreams of travel and writing, I needed to get my expenses down as small as possible, and live in a place which inspires my creativity.  So, while I don't intend to rent a room forever, this is an amazing environment to start my freelance copywriting career and finish my novel, as well as live with people.  I was very tired of living alone.  And the home and the people and things within the home are beautiful.  We had an impromptu wine-tasting the other night, I can walk to a pub and the library, and have enough alone time to work on my creative stuff, but enough interaction with people so I don't get lonely.  Pretty perfect for me right now.

After quitting a job last year in April, that was getting me nowhere, and taking a job that was only guaranteed through the end of the summer, I asked for enough money that I would have some in savings when it was over, so I didn't have to be in a huge hurry to find another job, and I can do something I enjoy, rather than focusing on a very specific dollar amount.   The bonus is I have been able to do a lot of traveling.  And that job lasted through the end of the year and beyond.  

So I'm sitting at the desk in my room, hearing the ticking of clocks and the steady rush of traffic outside and it feels good.  I've been working on a meditation program specifically for writers, and getting everything really settled here.  I've put no time limit on myself to be here.  It could be three months, it could be six months, who knows!  I have an open-ended agreement with my "landlord", so there's no set time to stay or go.  I don't regret one single decision I've made on my journey, and it feels good to be back in the city. 

I'm not stressing about a job.  Every single thing has been taken care of since I decided to cast off from the shore of certainty and embrace unknown territories.  Now I am comfortable only knowing the next few weeks or the next few months.  I am connecting with people, online and offline, and loving it.  Building my website, figuring out how to hone my passions and feeling incredibly peaceful and rested.  I look at life as an adventure and do my best to be in the present moment.  Always learning, always growing.  That is something that will never change for me.  

The amazing thing is I can do anything, whatever I want.  It's like standing on the top of a mountain and deciding which path to take. Let's see where my journey takes me next.