BestThings: Late Sunday Edition

I'm writing this morning...well, really it's afternoon here...from Homedale, ID.  I'm off on my 10-day adventure around Idaho and Montana, coming back home probably on the 13th or 14th.  I slept in and so here we are.  I hope everyone had a good Independence Day, whatever you may have done.  I chose to celebrate my independence by driving to Idaho. 

Driving.  I love driving.  I do it for a job, and I do it for fun.  I never feel more free than when on a road trip because I am on my own schedule.  Even with planes or trains or buses, you are at the mercy of their schedule.  I like to make my own rules.  I had a pretty easy 7 hour drive over here.  I was proud of myself because I did not use AC for 5 hours.  But, once I hit Baker City and the temperature hit 100 degrees, I decided it was time to turn it on.

Family. I wasn't with my blood family on this holiday, but family comes in all different forms.  I spent it with my best friend, her daughter, boyfriend, mom, step-dad and various other assorted people.  These guys are like family to me.  Chris is the sister I never had biologically, and her mom, Linda, and Dave, her step-dad, are like second parents to me.  Linda put on an incredible spread, with hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, salads (including potato) and even made a watermelon/cool whip cake and gluten-free brownies for me.  It was delicious!  Chris and I played a lengthy game of pool downstairs and we made about one shot in for every 5 shots we took.  Eventually Chris won.

Home. Dave and Linda moved into a new house in the Boise area a few months ago, and from their upper deck we had a view of the entire Treasure Valley, from Boise all the way South.  We could see fireworks for miles!  It was awesome, and a beautiful night to watch.  Their home is beautiful, and perfectly suits them. I am so happy for them in their new place, and so happy that I got to visit and see it.  This is the first summer they have not worked in I don't know how many years. 

Last 4th of July I was working for Dave and Linda at their blackberry-packing plant, and I don't even remember the day.  I think I might have actually just gone home and gone to bed. All I craved was sleep.  It was hard work. 33 days straight last year.  I was a zombie.  I never want to experience that again.  But, it got me to where I am today, which is in a place to take off for a 10-day open-ended road trip with no one waiting on my return. And now here I was, celebrating Independence Day with Dave and Linda in Idaho when we were all eyeballs deep in blackberries last year.  Crazy how things can change so much in a year, but they always do.  I feel so blessed, every day.  Which is why I write these "best things", to reflect on the goodness in my life and the abundance I live in. 

Top 5 "BestThings" of last week:

1. I got asked out for a beer by a super-cute Lyft passenger.  

2. I took off on a road trip for Boise and Montana.

3. I received this awesome feedback from a Friday Lyft passenger: 

★★★★★ Top review

“Jennifer is amazing, and her infectious laugh is sublime. Thanks for the welcome to portland and ride to the airport!”

4. I spent the 4th with one of my best friends.

5. I had lunch with one of my friends in town from Denver that I have not seen in a year.