BestThings: Early Saturday Edition

Every great adventure begins with trepidation -Freelance Adventurer

There is only one reason I would be up at 4:30am on Saturday morning.  Yes, traveling.  That's it.  So, by the time you read this I will have been on the road for awhile.  It's now 6:30am and the car is loaded and I'm ready to roll.  Traveling is definitely an all time "best thing" for me, and I love road trips.  But before I go, here's some of the best things from yesterday.

Brothers. I love my brothers.  There, I said it.  I am honored and SO grateful they are not only my brothers, but some of my closest friends.  I know I can trust them with my life.  Benj lives in the Bay area, and we talk almost every day.  Jason lives here, in Milwaukie, and we got together for an early dinner of Thai food last night before I took off on my next adventure.  


Next Adventure.  Speaking of that, I visited this outdoor store today in search of some water shoes. Something a little better than flip flops, and not so sturdy (or expensive!) as Chacos.  I found these amazing Teva flip flops that have a velcro strap that goes around your ankle so you don't lose them.  The "Original Mosaic Orange", but mostly in turquoise. I was sold! I love the bargain basement where you can find unique clothing items for $5, just $5!  They have all the outdoor gear you could imagine.  Visit Andy & Bax too, while you are it, since they are on the next block.  Amazing camping and military stuff.  

Lyft.  Yesterday was a quiet day, I did two short rides and one ride for a couple out to the Airport.  I'll be off duty for the next 10 days or so while I am traveling.  That's the beauty of this job, I work when I want and if I don't want to, I don't want to.  Right now I think it's working out pretty well.  I'm still figuring out the best days/times to drive, and that will most likely be an ongoing process. 

I hope everyone's Saturday is awesome.  This is short and sweet, but the road calls to me and I have a few hundred miles to cover today.  Yippee!!!!  I'll see you on the flip side where more adventures await!