BestThings: Late Friday Morning Edition

It's Friday!! Woooo!!!!  For me that means my work week is getting started.  And that's okay.  If I can get away with working Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun and bring in the money I need and then some, not a bad gig.  This is my morning part 2 again today.  I got up at 4:30 to take some neighbors to the airport in lieu of a cab, made a quick $20, and back to sleep I went.  Again.  Finally.  At 6 am, after dozing through two catch up meditations.  Speaking of that...yesterday's round-up of best things goes like this:

Meditation.  Every 3 months or so Oprah and Deepak Chopra offer a 21-day free meditation program.  I always try to catch these.  I have been a few days behind, but I am now caught up as of today.  This series theme is on grace, stemming from gratitude.  My life always significantly changes when I do these, so do yourself a favor and sign up here:  I don't think you will regret it.

Errands.  Yesterday I got so many things done!  I took boxes to my storage unit, mailed a box of stuff to my brother in Oakland, got laundry put away, and got my life tidied back up.  I guess now it takes me about two days to get all caught up after traveling on an extensive trip.  The Rollerskate (my car) is clean and shiny and open for business.  

Happy Hour.  My housemate and I went to Salty's on the Columbia yesterday afternoon for happy hour.  We sat outside on the upper deck and watched the sailboats on the river while enjoying coconut shrimp, calamari and some dirty fries.  We went inside where I had a Baked Alaska (a first for me).  It was a beautiful evening and Kelly treated me for my birthday.  I forget what an amazing restaurant this is.  One of these sunny afternoons go check it out.  Happy Hour is from 3-6.  

I think that's it for now.  But we will see what adventures are to be had today. It is entirely possible I may be having the best summer of my entire adult life, and I am loving every minute of it.  Oh!  Tonight and tomorrow there's a little super-cool music festival in Canby, Oregon called Harefest.  If you love ACDC, BonJovi, Led Zeppelin, Guns n' Roses, Journey, to name a few....get yourself there.  

3 Things I Do Every Day to Keep My Shit Straight.

I posted a blog a few weeks ago, "7 things on my Shit List".  You can get it under the "Traveler" section of my site,  Yes, I am referencing my own website.  But hey, I can do whatever I want, it is my page.  It was so well received I thought perhaps I would share 3 things I have now built into my daily routine that help me keep my shit straight.  Having lots of free time, that is important right now.

1.  Meditation. I recently completed a 21-day meditation program geared specifically toward writers via AWAI. I have been meditating morning and night, sleeping better and generally feeling more at peace within myself.  I'm starting another 21-day meditation challenge via Oprah and Deepak Chopra. This one just started today, called "Manifesting True Success".  You might even still be able to join, if you like.  I'm not a super meditator, or anything like that.  I feel like about 20 minutes regularly in the morning helps me keep my head straight for the rest of the day, helps me keep my energy to myself, and keeps me more sane than without it.

2.  Morning pages. I talk about these so frequently, it is kind of disgusting.  I thought someone might be asking, "exactly what are you talking about with these pages?"  Every single morning, I write three pages.  Well, maybe not every morning, sometimes I do miss them.  Or sometimes they turn into afternoon pages, or evening pages.  The point is, I am writing.  If you want to be a writer, you have to, well, write.  I use these as a check in with myself, somewhere I can bitch about things bothering me so no one else has to hear about it and a place to dream.  If I do not do these, my soul gets restless.  I have been doing them about a year now, all based on the recommendation of Julia Cameron, in "The Artist's Way".  That woman knows what she is talking about.  I do not feel right if I do not get them done.

3. Cuppa tea. I love coffee, but it does all sorts of strange things to me, so I opt instead for tea.  But not just any tea, Irish Breakfast tea, with a bit of milk and more than a bit of sugar.  This might have a tiny bit to do with spending a month in Ireland earlier this year.  A good, strong dose of black tea gets me going without so much jitter as coffee gives me.  And, most often no heartburn either.  My tummy tends to be a little sensitive, so I like to avoid it first thing.  Just works better for me.  

People are so interested in the process, trusting the process, and enjoying the process.  They want to know about your "process".  I am not sure who "they" are, but they must be out there somewhere.  I am not saying this is what you should do, or what would work for anyone else.  But, I know if I want to keep my shit straight and do more epic shit, this is part of my process.