My favorite poet.  Of all time.  Rumi.  WB Yeats run a close second but for whatever reason when I am looking for a quote Rumi hits it right. Every. Single. Time.  These times we live in are crazy.  But then life is crazy and beautiful and brutal. As Glennon Doyle Melton says, "brutiful".

We crave certainty and security.  It took me a long time to realize the comfort and security is found in the acceptance of the unknown and is mostly an illusion.  This is not some new truth, obviously, since Rumi wrote these words some time between 1200-1273 and lived in Persia, now present day Afghanistan.  Wow.  Funny that such impactful words should come from someone who lived 800 years ago from the other side of the world and who might be considered my "enemy".

Everything in me loves this quote.  Because it is lessons I learn over and over and over again.  The piece that hit me the most?  "I have tried prudent planning long enough, from now on I'll be mad".  It captures precisely how I feel in this exact moment in time and my heat leapt with the truth of it.