BestThings: Tuesday Edition

I'm sitting here thinking about all the things I have to be grateful for.  Every second, every moment there is space for gratitude.  I've been thinking about this lately as I've been doing a focused meditation about gratitude and how it relates to grace.  It is pretty true, and pretty amazing.  I think grace for yourself and others expands directly in proportion to your level of gratitude.  When I start constricting is when I am not grateful.  And when that happens, when I start feeling mean or small, I think about all the specific things I have to be grateful for and the constriction expands and I am right back into the openness and abundance of life.  Try it for yourself.  We could all use much more grace and gratitude in our lives.  Less things, more grace, more gratitude for what we do have instead of what we don't.  And just watch what comes your way once you let go.

The river.  This morning I took my tea and my notebook out to the public dock and wrote morning pages while watching the river go by.  For me, I am so soothed being near water.  I don't always have to go in, but I love to be on it, or by it.  Last night my nephew and brother came over and my nephew spent some time swimming, doing flips off the dock.  And around sunset we were up on the ramp from the houseboat to the parking lot watching the fish jump for bugs.  I had one jump right in front of me this morning when I was on the dock.  The world is simply teeming with life, all the time, and there is so much beauty.  I find myself wanting to be outside as much as I can, to experience this great and amazing world.

Lyft.  I will be getting a paycheck from Lyft this week for the first time in two weeks.  Now that is something to be grateful for.  The awesome and totally scary thing, all at the same time, is I am completely responsible for how much money I do or do not make.  I can flex my time, take off whatever days I want.  I don't need to run on everyone else's schedule, I can make my own.  And for me, that might be the most important thing right now.  My freedom.  And that makes the uncertainty of what my paycheck will be worth it.  It comes down to trust again.  If I make myself available, then the rides come in, I get to meet some amazing people, and my rent is paid.  The things I need or want have been reduced to a very small amount.  I am about experiences vs. things, totally.

Relationships.  Last night I got to spend some time with my brother and nephew.  I am seriously so blessed in the relationships I have with my family.  My brothers, my dad, my extended family. But not just with them.  With my friends, and with other people, the world at large.  I have been doing a lot of re-connecting lately, as well as welcoming new people into my life.  It is awesome to have the space in my life to do that.  I just came back from a trip to see my best friend, her boyfriend, her family and my Dad.  I find as I open up to the world, the world opens back and reflects back to me the love I have for life.  I still don't know exactly how or why that works, but it does.  And as I look over at my still sleeping nephew, I realize, again, how very blessed I am. 

This year for me has been about letting go.  Letting go of the things that might be good but not great and making room for the amazing things that are coming.  Adventuring, exploring, people and opportunities that come my way.  That's also letting go of fear of the unknown, and embracing it wholeheartedly.  And don't have to live your life the way someone else thinks you need to.  Go find your own adventure!  Be the author of your own story and fill the pages of your life with magic.  Trust me, you will not regret it.  Don't be afraid to free fall for a little while.  It's kind of awesome and utterly freeing.  Happy Adventuring!