BestThings: Monday Edition

I have been remiss on posting blogs of late.  But, now I'm back at it.  I worked a fair amount this weekend (15 hours to be exact) and so that probably threw me off a little bit.  

50th Wedding Anniversary.  Every once in awhile you get to be part of something really special.  More special than the usual stuff.  Yesterday afternoon/evening I was part of celebrating some good friends' 50th Wedding Anniversary.  50TH!!!!!!  In a time when people can barely stay together for a few years, that is a milestone indeed.  So here's to John and Lois, whom I love dearly.  I was incredibly honored to be invited to be part of this celebration. That was certainly the capper for my weekend (photo cred goes to Tony Goodloe, I totally stole the photos below from him). It was good to reconnect with some folks, and especially good to see Tony and Debbie, John & Lois' kids.  Such a beautiful, beautiful time.

Lyft.  I spent a lot of the weekend driving for Lyft.  I did one ride on Thursday, so that doesn't really count.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday I was substantially busier.  That may account for why no blogs were written.  I got logged in by 8am on Saturday, nothing too eventful happened.  Saturday night I did two rides.  The last ride did me in.  First, they made me wait for several minutes before they all finally got out.  And it was a car full of dudes.  One, then a few more and then the car was full.  Quite frankly, they were more "bros" than dudes.  Asking to play a song, trying to go for old school rap.  Talking about girls, who's getting laid.  And several stops, including one at a mini-mart for some beer.  I finally got them dropped off at their "house-party".  I felt like I was driving around several 17-year olds.  After that, I was done for the night.  And, to top it off no tip for all their extra nonsense.  Now they might have moved into the "douche" category.  

Sunday I logged in at 10am, nothing too eventful there either except for again, my last ride.  Taking a few ladies over to the Pabst Music Festival.  We get almost there and one of them forgot her ID.  So, we get to go all the way back to North Portland, then go all the way back to the festival.  But hey, I don't care.  That particular ride was over $50.  Cha-ching!  They tipped me and didn't have to.  Definitely NOT in the douche category.  

Houseboating.  My very good friends Jen and Patrick are off on an adventure to Turkey.  And so, I get to spend the next two weeks on their houseboat on the Willamette River, just South of the Sellwood bridge.  I'm contemplating going to dip my toes in on the public dock even now.  It is a delicious thought, even if I don't do it.  Last night I took a glass of wine out to the dock and sat by the river under the stars, listening to the gentle swish of the water lapping against the wood.  I watched the headlights of the cars across the river and enjoyed the peaceful night. God, it was beautiful.  This morning, as I wrote my morning pages, at the dining table, two swallows flew in and then right straight through and back out the deck doors.  It kind of scared me, and was kind of magical, all at the same time.  

Life.  Often, probably daily, I am reminded of and grateful for the adventurous, beautiful life I live.  Not for the ease of it, because sometimes it's downright scary.  But for the fact that it is my life, and I am creating it.  No longer on auto-pilot, I am now fully awake and crafting a life that supports the things I love to do: travel, write, take photos and be with those I love.  And not just for my own gain, but thinking about what gifts do I have that can be used in service to the world at large. Working for Lyft, I am back in service to others.  I used to feel less than because I wasn't making more money or doing something more amazing with my life.  But a life in service to others, whatever that looks like, might be the best gift of all.  And guess what?  Most people think I live a pretty amazing life.  Sometimes I don't even know how this happened.  

I spent a lot of time saying no, so I could learn to define my own boundaries.  I suffered a significant amount of emotional trauma after my mom's death, and it took me a long time to come back from that.  Saying no helped me figure out what was important to me.  It also showed me I was not just loved for what I could give to people but for who I am.  Now, if I can, I say yes as much as possible because every acceptance, every yes, expands the boundaries of my own life and every "yes" almost certainly brings some new magic with it.  Yes also breeds trust, trust in me to know what I need and want, and trust in the Great Creator or the Universe or whatever to always support me and bring me unexpected blessings.  It is a funny thing when you let go of certainty and embrace uncertainty how much life expands and how you end up living the life you dreamed of.  At least for me, that's how I see it.  It takes some courage and some resiliency to do it, but I find when I make uncertainty my friend, life is more beautiful than I could ever imagine.  Often all I do is show up, and then the magic happens.  I don't know how it works, but it does.  Simple as that.  Try letting go.  Grab those dreams by the tail and hold on.  The sky is the limit, so plan accordingly.