BestThings: Monday Edition

I already typed this once.  Now I am on round two with this post.  Damn technology.  Today is my last day in Montana, and it's going to be a good one!  Dad and I are going to see some sights, out to the Blackfoot River, maybe to Seeley Lake, maybe to Garnet ghost town.  We are for sure eating at an Irish pub tonight and going to see a Missoula Osprey baseball game.  I am squeezing out every drop of this vacation I can.  Yesterday was low-key, but we ended up doing some cool things last night.

Lolo Steak House.  Steak again!  We drove out to Lolo to eat at this great restaurant.  Log cabin, taxi-dermied animals and steaks cooked over an open flame.  Pure Montana.  I had shrimp, Alaskan King Crab legs, a small steak and sweet potato.  I couldn't finish it all, so I'm having the steak and potato right now for breakfast.  

Texas Longhorns and Buffalo.  I didn't expect to see Texas Longhorns, but there they were.  And a herd of buffalo on our way to Lolo!  We stopped so I could get some pictures on our way home.  I loved seeing these critters.

Lolo Peak.  It's beautiful.  Simple as that.  We thought we might drive up there, once we figured out where the road was.  But then we were not sure if Dad's car would make it up the winding, rocky, dirt road for 8 miles and thought it best to enjoy it from the road.

Sunset.  It's been cloudy for the last few nights, so no sunset.  But last night's was gorgeous.  I drove around behind Dad's place on Railroad Ave, pulled over and climbed up on the tracks, making sure no trains were coming.  Beautiful, beautiful sky.  I did steal some railroad spikes laying in the rocks beside the tracks.  I'm sure it's illegal in some way, but sometimes I like to break the rules.  It's part of adventuring.  You never know what you might find.

There is something about the wildness of these places, Montana and Idaho, that feeds my soul, and I crave it.  I find myself less and less interested in things like shopping or being in the city and more and more interested in getting out in nature.  I guess it's experiences vs. things.  And it's people.  The people I'm with.  

We'll see what today brings.  Tomorrow I've got a bit of a journey in front of me, but that's okay.  Just another adventure waiting.