BestThings: Sunday Edition

Yesterday ended up being a pretty low-key day, which in itself is a best thing.  

Coffee always helps make the day better.

I had coffee at noon with a  friend I've been trying to get together with for a long time and I came back inspired.  That was a best thing.  We talked about dreams and travel and shared our experiences.  And we both came back enriched.

I need some help!

I did some more work in my money book, "Money: A Love Story."  That was a best thing because now that I am going full-time with Lyft, I am rebuilding my money garden.  Yes, that's what I decided to call it.  What you pay attention to grows, so I am now tending to and growing my garden, with a little help from Kate Northrup.  Now I don't feel as scared and fearful around money because I am taking small bite-size actions daily.  

My car needed some help.

I spent the majority of last night cleaning my car so I would be ready to work today.  And man, did it need it.  I even had to get some upholstery cleaner for the back seat.  We had an Otter Pop incident on the way back from the last baseball game, but all is well.  The car is clean and sparkling, gassed up and ready to go.  

Top 5 Best Things from last week: 

1.  Watching my nephew score the winning run and send his baseball team to County.

2. Working my last shift at Pier 1.

3. Spending Thursday afternoon with my oldest nephew, his girlfriend and the baby.

4. Sending one of my closest friends off to her Voice audition.

5. Working through "Money: A Love Story" and investing in me.