Best Things: Saturday Edition

It's been a week that I have been writing my "best things" blogs.  And I like it.  So I'm going to keep it up.  It's a good practice for me, and a also a very good reminder about all the things I treasure in life.  

Yesterday was a fun one!  I was up early again, which I love.  One of the best things was sitting at the cafe table on the back porch, listening to bird song, watching the squirrels run around the backyard and the bumblebees pollenating the bushes.  Nature has a natural rhythm and music to it if you can be still long enough to listen. 

After I finished yoga, morning pages and my "best things" blog, I went over to one of my very closest friends' house to support her as she got ready to audition for the Voice!  They heard her album, and called her in to sing for them.  It was awesome to be able to support her and share in that experience with her as she said yes to an amazing opportunity.  

Once we sent her off, I had a little time to kill before I picked up my brother to head back down to Woodburn for more baseball.  I ended up stopping in a store called Bandita that was having a going-out-of-business sale.  I had been looking for a baja blanket to put in the trunk of my car, and as I drove by, I saw the owner rolling some up for sale on an outside table.  There were a lot of cool things about that choice.  I ended up scoring not only the blanket, but also some cool beaded earrings and some awesome, cheap guy t-shirts for my brother.  $1 a shirt?  You can't beat that!  I then ended up seeing two people I know.  One of the guys from open mic, and his wife.  And then also my other friend, whom I had just been with over at Jen's house. She did Jen's hair and make-up for the audition.  The shop owner said "I felt like I should get you guys some beer or champagne with everybody knowing each other".  Super-fun stop.

I had a few more minutes to kill so I decided to go over to one of the thrift stores in the Milwaukie area, The Salvation Army. I was looking for one of those little Playmate coolers, but didn't want to spend $20 for a new one.  I figured I could get one cheaper.  Maybe for baseball, or maybe for my own upcoming adventures.  I intend to start getting camping gear so I can take a solo camping trip.  I walked in to the store, walked to the back, and there sat exactly the cooler I was looking for.  $5.79.  Boom.  

I picked up my brother and off we went to Woodburn.  The gist of the baseball story is that my nephew had two games yesterday. They lost the first one, so played immediately after it to compete for fifth place and to go to State.  I heard the first game was horrible, the umpire terrible.  The second game was pretty brutal for the kids.  They were down 11-3 and had one more at-bat, an open inning.  I think they had played so much baseball they were done.  And it was super-humid.  But, in that inning, they came back and scored 4 runs.  They finished the game strong and for that I am very proud of them.  I don't think any kid was sad the season was over.  The coaches gave a great talk after the game, and they played one of the best games ever in Milwaukie early in the week in order to get into the County tournament.  Nine innings over two days.  It was awesome!  No one even thought they would make it that far with 4 or 5 kids on the team, nearly half, who had never played before.  

I dropped my brother and nephew off, stopped and got a rotisserie chicken and potato salad for dinner, came home and stayed inside in the AC all the rest of the day.  I binge-watched Ripper Street, catching up on all the prior episodes.  I did get a little sunburned yesterday, so I was quite happy to get inside and stay there.  It was another awesome day filled with family and friends, unexpected encounters and blessings.  More opportunity for me to learn to trust in the abundance of the world around me.  And to share in that with others.  

One of my favorite things, one of the best things is to watch people going for it and pursuing their dreams.  Stepping over fear and into the unknown of possibility.  Finding their niche and understanding who they are and what they can do.  And it doesn't have to be huge stuff.  It can be little stuff too.  Sometimes you make one tiny choice and it changes the entire trajectory of your life.  These were pretty big best things, and it was a privilege to be a part of them.