Best Things: Sunday Edition

Why do I post about "best things"? 

I want to remember the good things in my life, and how they are brought about by the choices I make.  We are flooded with so much negativity and technology, I want to get out of the digital world and into the real one, and then bring those things back to the digital world that are positive and share them with you.  We have plenty of people to report on the negative.

What are "best things"?  

They can be anything!  Whatever brings a smile to your face, an unexpected encounter. I was thinking about last Thursday when I went to get gas and the attendant asked me something about my husband or boyfriend, and I told him I was solo right now.  He said, "What?  You're too cute to be solo!".  Instead of getting weirded out, I took it for the compliment it was and said "Thank you".  And, he was married anyway.

What were Sunday's "best things"?

I got a text from my nephew's girlfriend to let me know they would be at my nephew's moms' house with the baby.  So I got to spend some snuggle time with my grand-niece Audree, and I got to see my brother and wish him Happy Father's Day. That lead to spending a few hours kicking around with my nephews, their mom, my nephew's girlfriend and the baby.  We checked out thrift stores and some garage sales and it was just fun to hang.  And, I got to feed that precious little chunky monkey.  

Earlier in the day, I reached out to get together with a few different people, which will lead to coffee and lunch dates and an expansion of my own world.  I decided to stop at the grocery store on my way home to get fixings for a steak salad, and ended up getting some great deals on meat.  It sounds silly, but because the sell-by dates were yesterday or today, I got some ridiculous good deals on bacon, ground chicken, and thin-cut pork chops .  And then I came home and made myself the most awesome steak/baby shrimp/avocado/tomato/feta/spinach salad.  I got to spend some time talking to my niece, advising her on some life questions. I watched part of "The 13th Warrior", one of my favorite movies ever and fell asleep to the Hobbit movie, "Battle of the Five Armies".  By the way, one of my favorite things is falling asleep to movies, particularly the Hobbit or Lord of the Rings.  Another rich day.

Why Will I Keep Posting About "Best Things"?

Doing this reminds me about the magic in life.  Keeps me grounded and thankful and positive and focused on the good stuff instead of the bad stuff.  And, I look forward to all the little good unexpected things that happen every day and what I can report on at the end of the day.  I keep track of them in my mind, like "yes, that was a good choice, look what it led to."  That's kind of the point - where do our choices lead us?  I intend for them to lead me to good places.