My Current State of Inspiration is Drug-Induced.

My Current State of Inspiration is Drug-Induced.

Awesome!  It's only been 10 days since I blogged last.  Well, what's going to happen next is more than one blog, because my current state of inspiration is drug-induced.  Meaning, at approximately 2pm this afternoon I had a dark-chocolate espresso bean cluster that is just now hitting me.  I have timed this, and caffeine hits me hard about 6 hours after I have it, and then I crash.  Strike while the iron is hot as they say!  I'm now having a glass of Zinfandel to bring me down.  Uppers-downers-uppers-downers.  Sometimes that's how I roll.

I Don't Care About Selling Your F***ing Credit Card.  

So, I just had to get to the computer.  This has been a big week.  Not only have I been traveling, but I decided to pull the plug on my job at Pier 1.  Let's face it, I don't care about "selling" their f***ing credit card.  "This is a sales job, not a cashier position".  Please.  You are paying me $10 an hour.  $$$10 AN HOUR!!!!  I would rather go flip burgers at McDonald's. That was my first job, but I never actually flipped burgers.  Nope,  don't need your BS sales rhetoric, I'm going to drive for Lyft full-time and see what happens.

I Do Care About Freedom.

This is why I'm driving for Lyft.  I can make my own hours, and twice the money in half the time.  I logged in for 2 hours last week.  1 of those hours I spent watching an episode of "Ripper Street" on BBCAmerica (it's really good by the way).  The other hour I spent driving around in the West Hills at sunset and made $40.  IN ONE HOUR!!!  You do the math.  That made my decision very easy.

And I Love Meeting New People.

Let's face it.  Lyft keeps me engaged.  I'm always learning a new route, meeting new people, and it is for a very brief time.  I don't have to solve problems or answer ridiculous questions and people are coming to me for a service they already want!  Hint: I don't have to sell them anything!  Don't get me wrong, I love getting people to buy useless things they probably don't need and getting them to go in debt for it. Wait.  I'm off track again. I don't really enjoy doing that.  I do enjoy getting people safely to their destination in a car with polka-dot seat covers.  Who doesn't love polka-dots?

By Now You Think I'm Crazy.

I most likely am, and for good reason.  I'm writing this blog in about 10 minutes flat.  Previews of things to come: conversations with my Grandma (she's hilarious), travels to Long Beach, WA (and what I found there) and my trip to Oakland, CA a few weeks ago with my brother (it is amazing, despite the random gunshots).